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Custom Answer For Text Input Question Validation

Hi, Is it possible to add a custom validation value to correctly assess whether or not someone entered the correct answer on a text input question type? I see we have these 4 options to validate this question type (Alphanumeric, Numeric, email address, Places). I want users to do a math problem and then enter in the correct answer but I'm not seeing a way to tell outgrow what the correct answer is.

Custom PDF Builder

how can the custom pdf builder results show up as an attachment in an email. I have checked off the add as saved results and it still does not show up.

Logic jump not working

I have a question where I ask the participants os the quiz is they want to participate on the user research. If yes, they continue for further questions and the lead form. If no, they'll jump to the defat outcome. But for some reason when you hit "no" the user don't go anywhere. The quiz just stops working, You hit "next" and you don't go the default outcome or anywhere else. This doesn't happen when you hit "yes".

Ketchikan hotels

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How to remove the scroll bar slider after embed on Webpage?

Hi, I want to remove the scroll bar slider after embed the code on my webpage. How to do it?

Quiz functionality

I'm wondering about the functionality of your quizzes and what all I can do with them. Here's what I'm looking to accomplish: Our company sells nutritional supplements, and I'm looking to create a simple survey that asks people about their health priorities, getting them to rate certain areas such as energy, hormones, and mood, on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of how much support they want. I'm then going assign values to different products and bundles and want to match their inputs to these different products, offering them the best matches for their priorities. Is this too complex for your software, or is this something I can do with Outgrow?

Embedded calculator not loading in chrome

Hi, One user has reported that the calculator will not load for them at all - they see the loading screen but that's it, no matter how long they wait. This is when using Google Chrome. They tried in Edge and the calculator then loaded like normal. I'm just wondering if there's any setting in Chrome which would prevent an Outgrow embed from loading? The user says they haven't ever altered their settings that they can remember so no idea what's causing it. Thanks

Poll type, The Stockholm theme - not displaying nicely on Internet Explorer

Hi, I'm using a Poll Type component with the The Stockholm theme. No custom CSS in my solution. I am stress testing Outgrow for potential use cases on our website and I'm running into display/styling issues when using Internet Explorer. I do not run into these issues when testing on Chrome or Firefox. A) First issue, I am using the Images for the Poll Question. These are Images built into the Outgrow platform. For some reason on Internet Explorer, these images or text won't load. I am just presented with 2 blank radio buttons. B) Second issue, the CSS for the results page completely breaks on Internet Explorer. Everything is stacking on top of each other in center of the component. I am happy to provide sceenshots of my issues if it will help. Thanks for taking the time to read through.