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Here are the best practices that we have seen being used by the most successful calculators and quizzes!

1. Five to Ten Questions

You want to have enough questions that the users trust the calculators but not so many that they bounce. There is a delicate balance and if you are building a B2C calculator then you want to make sure it's short and fun. B2B calculators can be a little longer but they still have to be engaging, especially if you are targeting people at the top of the funnel.

Pro Tip:
For longer quizzes, over 8-10 questions, have them divided into sections so you don’t scare away users with a long list of questions on one page.

2. Use Checkboxes and Sliders

Avoid asking for text inputs because they are ambiguous and require too much thinking and time from users. Say you’re asking someone their height, provide a slider with pre-standardized units instead of letting the user imagine which units she should use.

Some of the Outgrow templates come with in-built slider question types. You'll learn more about them in the K Create a Calculator ] section.

3. Display 1-2 Questions at a Time

To avoid confusing the user, stick to one or two questions at a time unless the calculator requires for real-time variable adjustment and calculations.

4. Use Images and GIFs

Use relevant images/gifs with questions. This not only captures interest but also adds to the story. For example, look at this quiz from Buzzfeed- ‘Which Country Do You Actually Belong In’. It has images to accompany every question. This has been found to increase conversion dramatically. Here is question 1:

Pro-tip #1: Notice that this is question 1 on a quiz about which country do you actually belong in. They could have asked what type of food do you like and written Chinese etc but instead they put specific examples of food with pictures that you can easily choose from. This requires more time and effort but is worth it as it helps with conversion.

Pro-tip #2: Not all questions have to contribute to the formula some can be fun, or can help you better understand the customer but might not contribute to the formula directly. In a 8 question quick you might be 2-3 fun questions and the rest would contribute to the formula.

Want to learn how to create a great questionnaire? Follow this video tutorial -

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Here are the best practices that we have seen being used by the most successful calculators and quizzes!

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