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Title and Landing Page

1. Title

It’s all in the name. The title of the quiz or calculator is the first thing your customers see, so it has to grab eyeballs. Besides being catchy, it should be short, concise (not more than 5-9 words) and focused.

An effective strategy is to challenge the user by using words like “Are you a true..”, “Do you really know..” etc. Use phrases like hardest quiz on or the most challenging test of.. to catch attention and bring them in.

2. Landing Page

Calculators usually begin with a landing page (LP) or a welcome page. The point here is to get the users excited about actually using the calculator and not “bounce”.

To do this you want to have clear crisp text that clearly explains not only what the calculator does but also what benefit will someone get from a calculator. So in addition to saying “find the cost of building your roof”, you can add “make sure you are not overpaying” as a subheading to clearly outline the benefit.

This video talks about editing a landing page in detail -

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Title and Landing Page

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