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Logic Jump

How to use Logic Jump to create intelligent calculators and quizzes?

Say you want to create a cancer risk calculator and your questions depend on whether or not someone smokes or not. If they smoke, you'd want to ask them a different set of questions like "How many packs do you smoke?". If they don't, then you might want to ask a different question like "When did you quit?".

You can achieve this with Logic Jump quite easily.

1. Select Logic Jump for Question Menu

Select logic jump on the question where you want the condition to start from. In this case, it will be "Do You Smoke?"

2. Setup the Logic

If the answer is "Yes", then move to question 2. Otherwise, skip to question 3.

That's about it. You can create as many jumps and nested jumps etc.

Logic Jump for Muti-Select Questions

The logic jump in single select questions is pretty straightforward. To apply logic jump in multi-select question, you would need to apply multiple conditions.

  1. Go to your multi-select question and then click on the Logic jump as explained previously in the document above.

  2. Add conditions by clicking on the plus sign inside the main box. This way you will be adding more conditions to the same logic

  1. Use the AND operator from the drop-down to if you want to jump only when a certain set of options are picked in the multi-select question.

OR operator can be used in place of AND when either of the defined options is picked and you want to jump to a certain question.

Make sure, the options you pick are correct and the conditions are logical, otherwise, it can create a loop and logic jump will not work correctly.

  1. After you have set all the conditions in the multi-select question, pick the default question, it should jump to when none of the conditions you defined are met and click on DONE.

Great! Your logic jump is now set for the multi-select question. If you still have any questions, feel free to use our chat tool on the bottom right and our team can help you with a quick solution :)

Logic Jump

How to use Logic Jump to create intelligent calculators and quizzes?