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I need help with a formula?

Im having trouble writing formulas for the below calculation. The business is paver sealing and pressure washing and is priced by the square footage. My questions are laid out as follows.

Q1 - Select your service request
Option 1: Paver Sealing
Option 2: Pressure washing
Either selection here would set the cost per square foot

Paver Sealing
<600 SF = $1.25 per SF

601 SF <1200 = $1.15 per SF
1201 = $1.05 per SF

Just pressure washing
<800 - .24 SF

800 - .19 SF

Q2 - What is the width of the area
Q3 - What is the length of the areas
We would multiply Q2 and Q3 for the square footage then apply some rules that determine the cost per square foot depending on the area size.

Q4 - Would ask to choose the type of sealer and have 3 choices but would not add any additional costs to the quote. This question would be skipped if only pressure washing is selected.