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published calculator not visable when published

Why is my published calculator not visible when published

Logic jump based on score

Hi there, I'm trying to branch a quiz where every question adds 1 to the score. In the end, if score=5, I wanna show one extra question, then go to the Result Screen. If score<5, go straight to Result Screen. The Logic Jump conditions seem limited to "Questions", "UTM Parameters", and "User's stats". Is it possible to create a condition using a variable like {Score_absolute} ? I wish I could attach a screen shot here, it would be easier to visualize it with a flowchart... Thank you!

Sendgrid setup for

Hello, My name is Alex LIpchanskiy. I am with IDEX IT. I work Daniel Clevenger on the issue we are currently facing. We are looking to secure our external email. From our logs, it looks like Dan uses a Sendgrid system for sending emails from addresses. I recall some ticket activity regarding us classing these as SPAM for and I assume these are related. We will need to add some data to our external DNS zone which will enable recipient mail services to see these emails as legitimate and not block them going forward. There are instructions here, and you should be selecting a ‘Custom DKIM selector’: Can you please provide us with CNAMEs so we could add them to our external DNS?

Transfering Items from one Outgrow account to another.

When an item (quiz) is hosted on a specific outgrow account, if a new account is made are you able to export files and transfer to the new account?

Basic authentication in webhook

Hello, I have got an issue in webhook authentication. I enabled basic authentication for my webhooks and filled in user and password. When I send the test payload from the webhook setup page the authorization header content is correct and everything works fine. When actual survey data is coming to the webhook though, the authorization header is not what I expect. When I decode the base64 value I get two strings made of hexadecimal digits that are unrelated to my credentials. Can you help? Thanks, Regards

How do I cancel my acount

How do I cancel my account completely?

How to Add New Page per Section

I have a response from the chat form that I can create a multi-page calculator with one section per page. I also see in the help documentation that the Tokyo and Seattle templates might help with that. 1) I don't see how to select those templates when I go to create a new realtime calculator 2) I can add a section to my calculator but don't see how to create it on a new page 3) I would like to have intermediate results on each section/page and also don't see how to do that Please advise.

Personalised Reports based on Answers for the quiz

Can outgrow provide a personalized report to people who have completed our Quiz based on there answers?

Can I set up excel formulas?

I have certain calculations and lookups I use for calculating pricing. How can I use those in this software?

Branching Questions (dependent questions)

Outgrow's front page indicates that you offer branching questions. However, I wasn't able to find that feature. I need to create an Outcomes quiz that asks a user a question (not graded) and depending on the response, the next question will vary. How is this done? I looked everywhere for instructions but couldn't find one. Outcomes Quiz --> Added a Single select question --> Looked for adding a branch question and failed.