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Personalised Reports based on Answers for the quiz

Can outgrow provide a personalized report to people who have completed our Quiz based on there answers?

How does a rap class create trust and partnership?

<p>By including students in the development of the most important task of the lesson, in the goals of their own upbringing: uniting the whole class, creating conditions for cooperation and constructive interaction, through which children themselves form their social capital and personal qualities. It's like a "pass it on" baton, where kids go out of their way to do something of value to each other in a thousand different ways, and when a friendly atmosphere and trust become the common property of the class. This is very useful for those who want to improve their writing skills. In order to work in a team, you need trust, and therefore if everyone writes written work together, it will be better than one. When you can still use <a href=""></a>, then the work will be done quickly and efficiently. The main thing in everything is trust between people.<br />In the beginning it is a game, a game of union. Then such an atmosphere and such relationships become a good habit. And this is the best upbringing of children, which creates the conditions for their education. The experimental groups showed that it is in this format that the child surprisingly acquires deep knowledge in the most difficult subjects for him, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and foreign languages.</p>


<p>Roughly 6% of the UK population&nbsp;<a href="">provide informal unpaid care</a>, and&nbsp;60% of people&nbsp;in the UK will be carers at some point in their lives. This includes a number of people who are carers while&nbsp;studying at university.</p> <p>Informal carers are those who have a commitment to providing unpaid support to someone who could not manage without their care. This could include preparing meals, personal care, giving medicine, helping with finances, and physical help. The exact number of student carers in higher education&nbsp;is unknown. Many&nbsp;choose not to disclose&nbsp;their caring responsibilities. Also, many universities do not have clear processes for&nbsp;identifying student carers. This is further complicated by the fact that caring status can change throughout a student&rsquo;s studies.</p>

Can I set up excel formulas?

I have certain calculations and lookups I use for calculating pricing. How can I use those in this software?

Branching Questions (dependent questions)

Outgrow's front page indicates that you offer branching questions. However, I wasn't able to find that feature. I need to create an Outcomes quiz that asks a user a question (not graded) and depending on the response, the next question will vary. How is this done? I looked everywhere for instructions but couldn't find one. Outcomes Quiz --> Added a Single select question --> Looked for adding a branch question and failed.

Contact info

Hi: We have a subscription with Outgrow. We need the following information for your systems documentation. The following security contact information, and company information. Name Title: Email: Thanks

development partners

Where can I find a list of developers that can help me create calculators in outgrow? Thanks Jude

Sweepstakes with form (custom questions) AND referral code sharing

I would like to run sweepstakes where participants will (1) fill out a form and (2) be provided a referral code so they can get extra points when other people they've referred also register to participate in the survey. Can your platform handle this?

Outgrow and Intercom

Hi, we are using Outgrow as an app within Intercom. We have the app installed in Intercom and we are triggering our Outgrow app. That is working pretty good. We are hoping to pass the user back to Intercom once we have finished asking our Outgrow questions. How can we best do this? Is there a certain function in Outgrow we can use or some sort of trigger? Please let me know. Thank you.

How to change company name on Outgrow ?

I would like to change the company name in order to change Outgrow URL that includes company name.