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Results based on ranges

Hi, I have a list of questions in each answer you have a range lets say 1-5, the answer I also want to be we expect saving of x-y based on the ranges in the answers calculated with the same similar ranges, can this be accomplished? (you can see it here <>)

Inquiry about Conditional Logic for Ensuring Video Completion Before Proceeding

Dear Outgrow Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am currently utilizing Outgrow to create a survey that includes video content. I would like to ensure that respondents cannot proceed to the next question or section until they have fully watched the embedded video. Could you please let me know if your platform supports this type of conditional logic? Specifically, I am looking for a feature that prevents users from skipping the video and only allows them to move forward once the video has been completed. If such a feature exists, could you provide guidance on how to implement it within the survey? Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to your response.

How to receive a report to my email after taking an assesment?


Man Utd retain Turnhag as 'crying mustard'... There's no penalty of 17 billion won. There's no alternative

Jim Ratcliffe, who has acquired the status of United's new co-owner, is likely to work with coach Eric Turnhach again next season, as there is no suitable alternative. British media "Tribal Football" said on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), "Ratcliffe is leaning toward staying with Coach Tunhag next season," adding, "There are a lack of top-level alternatives and many problems to be solved," and "Ratcliffe prefers to stay with Coach Turnhag." Manchester United failed to score three points in a 1-1 draw at home against Burnley, ranked 19th in the 35th round of the Premier League, on the 28th. Anthony, a 140 billion fraud, scored his first goal of the league and took the lead, but the game ended in a draw as goalkeeper Andre Onana gave up a penalty kick to allow an equalizer. United are in sixth place with 16 wins, six draws and 12 losses in 34 games. Turnhag, who looks different from last season, has been rumored to be dismissed throughout this season. Turnhag's first season in charge in the summer of 2022 stood out. Turnhag took over as Manchester United manager last season, pushing Manchester United from sixth to third in the 2021-2022 season. The balance between offense and defense was good. He even won the League Cup. United were tied for seventh in scoring and tied for third in losing the least. Although they were sluggish at the beginning of the season, it was a successful season with a winning streak. However, this season is different. In the UEFA Champions League, which was only sixth in the league and advanced to the tournament in two years, the team was humiliatingly eliminated from the group stage as the lowest ranked team in the group. Contrary to expectations, Manchester United was pushed back from the top four this season. It is comforting that they beat Coventry City, a second-division team, to reach the 2023-2024 English FA Cup final on the 21st. The final opponent is Manchester City, the defending champion and the European treble last season, so the possibility of winning is not high. Turnhag's tactics have been identified, but Manchester United has too many injuries. There are so many injuries that Turnhag says he has never had the starting lineup he envisioned except for a league game against Manchester City last season. In particular, defensive players have been injured too often. Lisandro Martinez, a center-back brought in from Ajax last season by Turnhag, has appeared in only 11 games this season. Starting left full-back Luke Shaw has also played in only 15 games, with right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Diogo Dalot alternating as left full-backs. Against Burnley, defensive midfielder Casemiro stepped in as four of the five center-backs were injured. United have been undergoing changes since new co-owners Ineos and Jim Ratcliffe took over in February. The owner of Ratcliffe has been reducing the size of the club by reducing financial support for Manchester United's employees. Manchester United is reportedly ranked first in the Premier League in terms of player salaries this season and fourth overall even if it expands to the top five European leagues. Turnhag's contract with Manchester United runs until next season. If Turnhag is fired this season, Manchester United will have to pay around 10 million pounds in penalty. The team also has to dismiss Turnhag and ask for a new coach. There was a candidate for the next coach. There were talks that Thomas Tuchel, who will step down from Bayern Munich after this season, and Zinedine Zidane, who led Real Madrid to its third consecutive UEFA Champions League championship, would like to move to Manchester United. However, Jim Ratcliffe, the club's owner, seems to think Turnhag is better than other candidates, and plans to stay until next season. <br> <>

Eventually, the possibility of leaving like Kim Min-jae rises rapidly... Eventually, he refuses to renew his contract → Expected to move to Barcelona

Napoli ace Hvicha Kvaracelia (23) is expected to move from the transfer market this summer. Kvaracelia was most likely to renew his contract with Napoli, but he is reluctant to renew his contract due to concerns over his team's performance this season. Barcelona, where manager Xavi Hernandez (44, Spain) remains, has been named as Kvaracelia's most likely destination. Spanish media Sport reported on the 26th (Korea Standard Time) that "Cvaracelia plans to meet with Napoli next week to discuss renewing his contract, but he may refuse to do so because he has other plans." Barcelona's name came up. "I'm sure that Cvaracelia will want to move, and Barcelona will be able to satisfy their aspirations," it said. Barcelona, where Xavi had announced his intention to resign in the middle of the season, is preparing for the upcoming summer transfer market by changing its mind. Coach Kvaracelia is seeking to recruit a left-handed striker who had previously shown interest in transferring to a big club, and his agent says he has actually received an offer from Barcelona. However, rather than leaving Naples this summer, Kravachella decided to grow with his team and achieve his goal. Kravachella, who signaled his renewal of his contract with Napoli, smoothly negotiated with Italian President Aurelio De Laurentiis (74). A green light has been given to whether he will renew his contract after some news reports suggested that his annual salary will nearly triple through his contract, which is currently 1.5 million euros (about 2.2 billion won). However, no agreement has been reached yet, and as Napoli's slump continues, both sides are reluctant to sign a contract. Some say that De Laurentiis will not block any transfer if he gets an appropriate offer because he is angry at Napoli's performance this season. Napoli, who won Serie A last season, has fallen to eighth place this season, and it is unclear whether it will advance to the European competition. Kvaracelia is also considering a transfer as he will not be able to play in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Despite the high salary increase, Kvaracelia is ready to take a step forward in his career and would not have changed his mind to be with Xavi. If Napoli does not play on the UCL stage, the door to the transfer will be wide open. Kvaracelia, a member of the Georgia national team, contributed to Napoli's league victory last season by playing as a starting member along with Victor Osimhen (25) and Kim Min-jae (27) of Bayern Munich. In the 2022-23 season, he scored 12 goals and 10 assists during 34 Serie A matches, serving as a "crack" on the left side with his agile dribbling and sophisticated shooting skills. Although he showed some ups and downs this season, he continued his momentum by scoring double-digit league goals (10 goals) for two consecutive seasons. Kvaracelia, who suffered from rumors of a transfer last summer, chose to stay in Osimhen and stayed with him unlike Kim Min-jae, who left for Germany. He stayed in Naples, refusing to let Premier League clubs such as Newcastle and Arsenal enter the club. However, with the transfer window set for this summer, big players' interest grew again, and the possibility of a transfer increased as a result of the unstable atmosphere in his relationship with Napoli. <br> <> <br>

First Nation Criticizes Ontario Over hasty market decisions

The Mississippi State of Scugog Island First Nation is still bitter about the introduction of Ontario's new, regulated market for private igaming operators. First Nation argues that the province has not held consultations with indigenous communities, which could potentially have a negative impact on their operations, including loss of revenue and essential jobs. The state's new online gaming and sports betting market began on April 4, 2022 and is overseen by the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Board and its subsidiary iGaming Ontario. The move is about First Nation because it believes it could have a negative impact on the economy of the Durham Regional Game Hall and many local First Nations. Kelly LaRocca, director of the Ministry of Future Planning, believes that the region has started a new market too quickly without adequate data to support the framework. She shared that she didn't give First Nation much information about how the model would work and how she thought it would affect land-based gaming facilities across the province. The chief also said the province offered little data to support the market, which in general communicated little with First Nation and Ontarian. Mr Laroka agreed that local governments should have taken a slow approach by allowing only existing land operators to offer online gambling through the tethering system. She claimed she plans to take a legal approach against the province over the state's decision not to consult with the state and plans to set up a new casino property in Pickering's Durham district. Previously, there were concerns that the new casinos would affect Great Blue Heron casinos as fewer people visit the facilities and could lose their jobs. During the last three quarters of 2021, Pickering received CA$7.8 million for hosting casinos, lower than expected, including nearly $2.3 million in the last quarter of last year. Over the next five years, the iGaming market could be responsible for the loss of more than 2,500 game hall jobs, with $190 million in regional economic contributions and $3 billion in local tax revenues expected. Numerous game operators have already been approved by AGCO to enter the iGaming market. Torstar Corporation, the media, also looked into the field through NordStar's venture, NorthStar Gaming. The two companies announced contracts for advertising and marketing services through Torstar's outlets. North Star Gaming has officially been played live in the province and is currently available to play North Star Bets. Qualified gamblers in Ontario can enjoy some of the industry's most famous titles on the app, including live dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and many digital slots. You can also make informed bets through data, insights, and analytics. <br> <> <br> <br>

S. Korean investor Mohegan named Haven Pope chief accountant

Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, a U.S.-based casino operator and developer of Inspire Entertainment resorts in South Korea, has appointed Haven Pope as its chief accounting officer. The company said Pope (pictured) will "supervise a comprehensive financial reporting and analytics system for Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment and its subsidiaries globally to drive future growth and development." Bobby Soper, international president of Mohegan Gaming, recently told GGRAsia that Inspire's phase one, including foreign-only casinos, would be "completed in the fourth quarter of 2023." In late November, Mohegan Gaming revealed that it closed its $1.55 billion financing for the first phase of the Korean project. The financing includes a total equity capital of $575 million, consisting of Mohegan Gaming's $300 million investment, and $275 million raised through a global private equity firm. Pope's roles in the group also include chairing the accounting operations committee and disclosure committee. The new vice president reports directly to Carol Anderson, senior vice president and chief financial officer. Most recently, Mr. Pope served as senior director of accounting and internal control at U.S.-based casino group Caesars Entertainment. Ray Pinault, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mohegan Gaming, was quoted as saying in Pope's appointment announcement, "With his impressive experience and strong background in corporate finance, we are confident that his leadership and technical accounting capabilities will enable us to further strengthen our position as a leading integrated entertainment resort brand." <br> <> <br>

Copyright or policies concerning images?

My team and I would like to use images we found on pinterest to adorn our quiz answer options. If we credit these images, are we in the clear as far as copyright and outgrow policy are concerned?

There were no dragonfly troops, but....the outfield bleachers at Sajik Ballpark were filled with home runs.

![Lee Seung-yeop]( In 2003, Lee Seung-yeop, the “National Hitter,” set a new record for the most home runs in a single season in the KBO and Asian League. As he neared the milestone, the outfield seats in the stadiums where he played were empty. A “dragonfly club” was formed to capture the home run ball. April 2024. Another record-breaking year was in store for Waya-suk. Choi Jung-jeong, a “boy trader,” was on the verge of breaking Lee Seung-yeop's record for most career home runs (467). Choi tied Lee with a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth inning against the KIA Tigers at home (SSG Landers Field, Incheon) on April 16, tying the record. It was a festival at SSG Landers Field on the 17th, when the record was set, especially in the left outfield, where home runs were overwhelmingly distributed. The excitement didn't last long. Choi was injured in his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning when he was hit in the right side of the head by a four-seam fastball (fastball) from opposing pitcher Will Crowe. The initial diagnosis was a fracture, but a second opinion the next day revealed a contusion. Choi rested for a while and made his comeback on March 23 against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan. The game was rained out and no official record was kept, but Choi hit his first at-bat in the top of the first inning, hitting a changeup from opposing pitcher Han Hyun-hee for a double to left field. On the 24th, the sky was clear over Sajik Stadium. The crowd was larger than the previous day. However, most of them were home fans. The away infield bleachers were empty. However, the outfield seats were filled with baseball fans who were eager to celebrate the record. Many fans moved to the left outfield for the best at-bats. A baseball fan who visited Sajik Stadium on this day checked out the record-breaking scene. In the top of the fifth inning, with the bases loaded and SSG trailing 4-7, Choi took a first-pitch slider from opposing starter Lee In-bok over the left field wall. It was the 468th home run of his career. The SSG Baseball team's marketing team organized a generous prize for the baseball fan who acquired the KBO's all-time home run record home run ball. If he handed over the commemorative ball to the team, he could receive a year's free beverage voucher from Starbucks, two Live Zone season tickets for the 2024-2025 season, and a hotel stay. One man was the lucky winner. “We first asked the spectator's permission to take a photo with the home run ball, and we plan to ask his wishes after the end of the seventh inning,” said an SSG team official. A baseball official said, “I hope the best home run will come from SSG's home stadium.” He hoped that he would receive a hero's welcome in a more intense atmosphere. Indeed, there were many empty seats in the stands. The total attendance was 8499 people. However, the outfield was packed with baseball fans who wanted to enjoy the record-breaking moment. <>

“A repetition of dissonance behind stunning visuals”...'Stellar Blade' review

![Stellar Blade]( <br /> ShiftUp will officially release Stellar Blade, an action game for the PS5, on June 26, as interest in Korean game companies entering the console market increases. The game is told from the perspective of Eve, a paratrooper who escapes into space to fight back against the unknown creatures, the Natives, who have taken over the Earth. After crash-landing on Earth and losing a member of her squad in battle with the Natives, Eve, along with Adam, who finds help by chance, embarks on a journey to hunt down the Elder Native, the leader of the Natives. Like many sci-fi post-apocalyptic stories with a devastated earth and mysterious creatures, this one feels like a well-packaged version of the existing tropes rather than a new interpretation. Instead, it's all about the wrapping paper. For a shift-up with a strong visual focus, the in-game visuals are impressive. The camera composition is varied to showcase the beauty of the protagonist, Eve, in all her glory. The creators also revealed that they drew inspiration from ballet when staging the action, so each of Eve's moves are light and graceful, and the final boss fight is a literal slaughter. The partial but well-realized depiction of the Earth after humanity's departure also has a lot to recommend it to those who are sensitive to visual satisfaction. In addition, the optimization, which has been a problem for many global game companies in recent years, has been solved well, and it can be said that 'Stellar Blade' is a strong point that you can enjoy the game in a pleasant environment until the end. However, the game does not fully deliver the charm that a story-driven game should have. The story is overly simplistic, and the twists and revelations come as more of a surprise than a surprise. The dialog is also overly implied, making it feel like an MMORPG that uses short dialog to facilitate storytelling despite being a single-player game. The voice acting also reduces immersion in the story. It's not so much a matter of the voice actors themselves, but rather a lack of proper direction, with some characters sounding like foreign dubs and others like anime, resulting in a confusing tonal scheme. The repetitive narrative leaves questions in the back of your mind, and Eve, the player's alter ego, has little to say other than “let's get on with it,” which is a nuanced way of saying “let's get on with it. In particular, the storytelling, which pushes back all of the important choices so that you don't feel resolved after the ending, makes it impossible to know what the game was trying to say until the very last moment. In addition to the main story, there are memories of dead soldiers scattered around the map to give you a sense of the world, but the repetitive content and slightly different narratives don't add much to the experience other than collecting them. It's less fun to explore the limited open field and feel the story and worldview, but the combat, which is based on parrying and dodging, is not bad, which is the driving force behind the game. The lack of simple character progression is disappointing, however. The skills that are at the core of the battle are powerful enough to block most of the bosses' special attacks, so the character settings are geared toward increasing the number of times you use them and their effectiveness, and other settings are not very effective. 'Stellar Blade' feels like a jumbled mess of components that don't stack up harmoniously. Individually, they're all good and not bad, but together, they're just not compelling. The visuals that developer ShiftUp has shown so far in Stellar Blade are undeniably positive, but the game needs to work harder to fill in the depths that will allow it to live up to the increasingly high standards of the genre. <>