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Quiz functionality

I'm wondering about the functionality of your quizzes and what all I can do with them. Here's what I'm looking to accomplish: Our company sells nutritional supplements, and I'm looking to create a simple survey that asks people about their health priorities, getting them to rate certain areas such as energy, hormones, and mood, on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of how much support they want. I'm then going assign values to different products and bundles and want to match their inputs to these different products, offering them the best matches for their priorities. Is this too complex for your software, or is this something I can do with Outgrow?

Embedded calculator not loading in chrome

Hi, One user has reported that the calculator will not load for them at all - they see the loading screen but that's it, no matter how long they wait. This is when using Google Chrome. They tried in Edge and the calculator then loaded like normal. I'm just wondering if there's any setting in Chrome which would prevent an Outgrow embed from loading? The user says they haven't ever altered their settings that they can remember so no idea what's causing it. Thanks

Text in Mobile View

Is there a function to adjust the text in the mobile view without affecting the desktop view?

Bulk Credit Pricing & Immediate Feedback in Quiz

Hello - we are a nonprofit working on an annual 7 question quiz for 8,000-10,000 email recipients. We want it to be interactive with immediate answer feedback inside the quiz after each question is answered and a score with a pass/fail message and a donate link at the end. Is that something you can help us with?

Guest Post Opportunity

Hi, Outgrow was referred to us by as an alternative to Clutch and I wanted to know if you enable companies on your website to write guest articles and publish them on your website's blog. Please get back to me on this.


Hi I've looked up your IF formula help but can not find an answer to my question. I need to complete this formula Q1+Q2+Q3 = If < 7 = £3990. if between 7-9 = £5990 If > 9 = £7890 Please can you help?

Recovery code

Hello, I'm trying to log in, but I get the message 'For security reasons, after failed attempts you'll be logged out.' after I have entered the verification code. Now I have to enter a recovery code but how do I receive this code? I would like to hear from you.


I want to create a calculator using multiple choice questions. Not sure how to create a formula to take into account the choices in my 7 queistions.

How to modify question text based on results

Based on the answer to my first question, I need to be able to modify the text of the following questions. In Q1 the user selects METRIC or IMPERIAL, this should then change Q2 if (METRIC) LENGTH (m) TEMPERATURE (°C) if(IMPERIAL) LENGTH (ft) TEMPERATURE (°F)

Unable to download results with outcome quiz on mobile

Hi, I was making a outcome quiz with an free trial account (which is now finished). But on mobile version I couldn't download the results of the outcome quiz. Is this a setting? could you please help me? Kind regards, Kevin