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How to remove the scroll bar slider after embed on Webpage?

Hi, I want to remove the scroll bar slider after embed the code on my webpage. How to do it?

Survey won't close

Odd question but I tested some pop up surveys on my website and they won’t “close” when the “submit” button is pressed on the lead gen form. It just stays on the screen making for an awkward consumer experience. The only way to close it is “x”ing it out so you don’t know if the info has been captured. And before you ask, I’ve tested it with redirects but that takes them away from the page they’re on. Please help!! Thanks

Custom question identifiers

Hi there, We are looking at how to use web hooks on outgrow to report answers back to our backend system. Setting up the web hook and receiving the data is working fine. Is there a way to set a custom identifier on a question? Eg, a field in which we can set a custom string for each question? We would like to use this identifier so that our backend system can process the web hook json and know how to match an answer in outgrow to an attribute in our database. At the moment the only way we can see to do this is through the array index of the json, however if the questions were to change order then that would affect how our system would process the web hook. Thanks, Jack

I need to change the name and address on the billing information

Hi, How can I change the name of my company (the correct one is Phenix) and address on the billing information please ? Currently it is not correct it's a problem for our accountant. Thank you

Ability for customer to upload a file

My chat has not been working. Was it deactivated? I am trying to allow the customer to upload a file (Word document). Is that supported?

Using SendSafely within Outgrow

I'm trying to embed a SendSafely widget within an Outgrow form. I'm currently trying to use a custom HTML widget, but I cannot get it load at all. SendSafely requires source to their script, but I'm not sure if Outgrow allows for that. Plus, it appears that the SendSafely embed script utilizes jQuery to properly map some variables and I'm not sure if that's possible either. Overall, just need to know if it's possible to embed something like that within in Outgrow or if I'm just spinning my wheels.

Affiliate question

Hello, I would like to sign up to your affiliate program,but before I do so I have some questions. 1st:Can I run google ads to your keyword (Outgrow) 2nd:If so can I put my affiliate link straight to my google ad and without putting a website.That means when someone clicks to my ad on google it goes straight through my affiliate link.(direct linking)

Frontend API

I need to send response info to Funnelytics. Typically I would do this in GTM with a custom HTML tag but I can't work around outgrows iframe. Do you offer a javascript API? Or do you have recommendations for writing custom events to the parent container in GTM? I'm looking to listen for a payload on submit of a form and send outcome information to Funnelytics. Any help is appreciated.

Rename my "company"

How do I rename my "company" so the outgrow URL populates with the correct name instead of the one I began with? example: https://[COMPANYNAME]


Hello, How can I change my quiz's currency from USD to Pounds?