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Question to Result Transition

In my simple, one question calculator, how can I get rid of the "Scroll down for results" graphic? It's creating white space between the question and results that isn't necessary.

Enhancing Franchise Marketing Strategies with Expertise

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Value of skill

Can outgrow calculate the average pay rage that a person should receive based on the skills that they have, the position they desire and the location that they live?


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The impact of seasonal changes on coastal equipment rental prices

Seasonal changes can have a significant impact on coastal equipment rental prices. During peak season, typically in the summer, demand for equipment such as jet skis, boats, and paddleboards increases, leading to higher rental prices. Additionally, during peak season, coastal towns and cities often experience an influx of tourists, which can drive up prices further. On the other hand, rental prices tend to be lower during the off-season due to decreased demand. However, some rental companies may offer off-season discounts or special deals to attract customers during slower periods. Overall, the seasonal nature of coastal tourism can result in fluctuating rental prices throughout the year. For coastal equipment rental, visit:- <>

Calculator: two questions on the same screen?

In a calculator, is there a way to have two questions (with 2 answers that get calculated together) on the same screen?

What is Zapier Integrations

Zapier is a web-based automation tool that allows users to connect and automate workflows between different web applications. With over 3,000 integrated apps, Zapier makes it easy to transfer data between different apps and automate repetitive tasks, saving businesses time and increasing productivity. Some popular Zapier integrations include: Gmail: automatically save email attachments to Google Drive or send email notifications to Slack channels. Trello: automatically create new cards or update existing ones when new data is added to other apps like Google Sheets or Salesforce. Salesforce: automatically create new leads or update existing ones when data is added to other apps like Google Forms or Hubspot. Slack: automatically send notifications or create new messages when specific events occur in other apps like Google Calendar or GitHub. Hubspot: automatically add new contacts or update existing ones when data is added to other apps like Google Sheets or Eventbrite. Shopify: automatically create new products or update existing ones when data is added to other apps like Google Sheets or Mailchimp. Dropbox: automatically save files or folders to Google Drive or send email notifications when new files are added. Zoom: automatically create new meetings or update existing ones when data is added to other apps like Google Calendar or Calendly. Asana: automatically create new tasks or update existing ones when data is added to other apps like Google Forms or JotForm. WordPress: automatically create new posts or update existing ones when data is added to other apps like Google Sheets or Typeform. By leveraging Zapier integrations, businesses can save time, reduce manual errors, and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and consolidating data from different apps into a single platform. Visit: <>

how much is the program on a monthly basis

i dont see anything on the site. maybe i am not seeing it so your help would be appreciated

Input Fields with default values, which can still be changed, but not shown at first

Is it possible to create input fields with default values, which are not shown at first, but can be adapted by users, by clicking on a button, which will then show the input fields with the default values?

Custom Answer For Text Input Question Validation

Hi, Is it possible to add a custom validation value to correctly assess whether or not someone entered the correct answer on a text input question type? I see we have these 4 options to validate this question type (Alphanumeric, Numeric, email address, Places). I want users to do a math problem and then enter in the correct answer but I'm not seeing a way to tell outgrow what the correct answer is.