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How can I input data into outgrow chatbot?

Documentations in PDF

How to add Documentations in PDF

Do y'all have a formal feature update requst queue?

Looking to make a formal request to update your NPS graphic to include 11 spaces to capture a true NPS score of 0-10 (11 boxes instead of the current 10). I have worked with other tools before that offer the request feature and was curious if yall had a formal recommendation section set up that I missed. Thanks, Allison

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Would it be possible to get a demo and learn more about outgrow on a call?

Hey, I am very familar with a lot of the quiz softwares out there, but I recently cam across yours and would love to learn more. Over the last 12 months I've driven north of 300,000 leads through quizzes and other interactive items. I'm looking to continue to grow this and double in the next 12 months and would love to see if outgrow could be a good possible platform to use. I'd like to learn more about the front end design, the quiz logic and options for customization as well as the integrations on the backend for passing the data and information along. I look forward to hearing form you. Best regards, Kai Lode

come fare un quiz personalizzato e dopo renderlo privato

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How to compare result values and display an extended description for the highest score category

Dear team, I have implemented a quiz with 35 questions that each have a single choice answer from 1 to 5. I calculated 7 results using the provided formula feature by summing up the score of the questions in each category (e.g. category 1 has questions 1 to 5, category 2 has questions 6 to 10 etc). On the results page I have configured 7 results, one for each category. All good up to here. I would like to conditionally display a more comprehensive description for the category result which has the highest score compared to the other category results. For the rest of lower score the categories I would like to have only a basic description in the results, but I need to show the result score. I would highly appreciate your advice on how to achieve the behavior above? So far I was only able to place conditions based what range does each result fall into. I have noticed you support external Javascript and also have a small code editor for both the result and the description fields. If feasible, I am fine to write Javascript logic to calculate the max between the 7 results and display a different paragraph text for the max result ideally in the small description editor. Bult I would need to know how to access the 7 result variables in Javascript to use them. Thank you, Dan

Delete my account

How can I delete my account?

What are some effective strategies for maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

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