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Quizz results in pdf automaticly send to the user?

Can I automaticly send the quizz results to the user in pdf form (report) ?

how do I find my excel export for the list


Will an outgrow quiz work on a squarespace website?

As per above.

Poll type, The Stockholm theme - not displaying nicely on Internet Explorer

Hi, I'm using a Poll Type component with the The Stockholm theme. No custom CSS in my solution. I am stress testing Outgrow for potential use cases on our website and I'm running into display/styling issues when using Internet Explorer. I do not run into these issues when testing on Chrome or Firefox. A) First issue, I am using the Images for the Poll Question. These are Images built into the Outgrow platform. For some reason on Internet Explorer, these images or text won't load. I am just presented with 2 blank radio buttons. B) Second issue, the CSS for the results page completely breaks on Internet Explorer. Everything is stacking on top of each other in center of the component. I am happy to provide sceenshots of my issues if it will help. Thanks for taking the time to read through.

Help with a formula please

How do I create conditional message for the result with the highest number. For example if R1 = 14 and R2 = 12 I want R1 the highest score to have a special message. Thanks

Multi-select Submit button in the Calculator Quiz

Is there a way to have the "Submit button" show at the bottom of the multi-select question instead of next to each option?

Sendgrid setup for

Hello, My name is Alex LIpchanskiy. I am with IDEX IT. I work Daniel Clevenger on the issue we are currently facing. We are looking to secure our external email. From our logs, it looks like Dan uses a Sendgrid system for sending emails from addresses. I recall some ticket activity regarding us classing these as SPAM for and I assume these are related. We will need to add some data to our external DNS zone which will enable recipient mail services to see these emails as legitimate and not block them going forward. There are instructions here, and you should be selecting a ‘Custom DKIM selector’: Can you please provide us with CNAMEs so we could add them to our external DNS?

How to Add New Page per Section

I have a response from the chat form that I can create a multi-page calculator with one section per page. I also see in the help documentation that the Tokyo and Seattle templates might help with that. 1) I don't see how to select those templates when I go to create a new realtime calculator 2) I can add a section to my calculator but don't see how to create it on a new page 3) I would like to have intermediate results on each section/page and also don't see how to do that Please advise.

Can I send an affiliate code to ActiveCampaign together with the lead generation results?

Hi, I would like to ask affiliates to spread the link and they get a reward for using it. Can you tell me how and where I can add info to see via which affiliate the test is filled in? I use cookies on the website (embedded test) for a specific field but I presume I need to add something in outgrow. Somewhere. thanks for helping out! Gerdy

Embedding Video

Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to embed Vimeo videos on the results page of a quiz? Thank you so much!