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Can I send an affiliate code to ActiveCampaign together with the lead generation results?

Hi, I would like to ask affiliates to spread the link and they get a reward for using it. Can you tell me how and where I can add info to see via which affiliate the test is filled in? I use cookies on the website (embedded test) for a specific field but I presume I need to add something in outgrow. Somewhere. thanks for helping out! Gerdy

Exporting Quiz to Excel

Is there a way to export quiz/assessment questions to Excel?

Quizz results in pdf automaticly send to the user?

Can I automaticly send the quizz results to the user in pdf form (report) ?

Multi-select Submit button in the Calculator Quiz

Is there a way to have the "Submit button" show at the bottom of the multi-select question instead of next to each option?

Poll type, The Stockholm theme - not displaying nicely on Internet Explorer

Hi, I'm using a Poll Type component with the The Stockholm theme. No custom CSS in my solution. I am stress testing Outgrow for potential use cases on our website and I'm running into display/styling issues when using Internet Explorer. I do not run into these issues when testing on Chrome or Firefox. A) First issue, I am using the Images for the Poll Question. These are Images built into the Outgrow platform. For some reason on Internet Explorer, these images or text won't load. I am just presented with 2 blank radio buttons. B) Second issue, the CSS for the results page completely breaks on Internet Explorer. Everything is stacking on top of each other in center of the component. I am happy to provide sceenshots of my issues if it will help. Thanks for taking the time to read through.

System support specialists

System support specialists provide help desk assistance and technical support for all types of issues affecting end users, such as software problems, network breakdowns, and hardware failures. They create and maintain user accounts.

Lead Capture

Using Calculator (The Londoner). Can email capture be moved to other than Welcome Screen? Can outgrow actually send a basic email response to a submission or is an autoresponder integration necessary? Thanks


Your: results page has links for Calculators and Outcome Quizzes, but no links for the Graded quizzes or Polls... Where can I get those? To build a results page for Numerical Calculators - jump ahead to Result for Calculators Outcome Quiz - jump ahead to Outcomes for Quizzes Graded Quiz - jump ahead to Graded quizzes Polls - jump ahead to Polls

Using pop-up trigger with React

Hi All, We need to add pop up triggers for various quizzes to a React app on behalf of our client. I have looked at the documentation but I couldn't find any information relating to the best way to implement with React. Are you be able to assist us with any advice on the best way to approach adding the triggers. Many thanks for your help Alphie

API for sending Answers to a server

I need to send users' individual answers to questions to an external server's database where they can be stored. Can I use your API to do that?