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Do Outgrow quizzes have a timer functionality?

Same as title - Do Outgrow quizzes have a timer functionality?

Sendgrid setup for

Hello, My name is Alex LIpchanskiy. I am with IDEX IT. I work Daniel Clevenger on the issue we are currently facing. We are looking to secure our external email. From our logs, it looks like Dan uses a Sendgrid system for sending emails from addresses. I recall some ticket activity regarding us classing these as SPAM for and I assume these are related. We will need to add some data to our external DNS zone which will enable recipient mail services to see these emails as legitimate and not block them going forward. There are instructions here, and you should be selecting a ‘Custom DKIM selector’: Can you please provide us with CNAMEs so we could add them to our external DNS?

answer at end after email request at end

You seem to be focused on real time answers. We want to have the email and identity question at the end of the questions, not the beginning, and, then send the results to that email address. How do we do that?

API for sending Answers to a server

I need to send users' individual answers to questions to an external server's database where they can be stored. Can I use your API to do that?

Embedding Video

Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to embed Vimeo videos on the results page of a quiz? Thank you so much!

Embedded calculator not loading in chrome

Hi, One user has reported that the calculator will not load for them at all - they see the loading screen but that's it, no matter how long they wait. This is when using Google Chrome. They tried in Edge and the calculator then loaded like normal. I'm just wondering if there's any setting in Chrome which would prevent an Outgrow embed from loading? The user says they haven't ever altered their settings that they can remember so no idea what's causing it. Thanks

Embed Code

I would like to test the embed code option b that can site inside our site. A client will be using your software and I need to test to see how to advise them to put your code into our platform. Would you please send me a piece of code I can test. Thank you

Lead generation

Hi, I was scrolling through your Q&A. I found this previous response to a question about lead generation: "To redirect the users from the lead gen form, please select the location of the form as 'Before the results'. It would make the lead gen form appear as a pop up box right before the outcomes and it would have the redirect button as well." That is what I want to do, and I understand how to do that, but it seems like my lead will still get responses to each of their answers along the way before they submit their name & email. Can I stop that from happening, and just have them get all results after submission of their email address?

How do i customise calculator url?



Can Outgrow able to integrate with resource, such as Microsoft team? or other customer build native mobile app?