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Copyright or policies concerning images?

My team and I would like to use images we found on pinterest to adorn our quiz answer options. If we credit these images, are we in the clear as far as copyright and outgrow policy are concerned?

There were no dragonfly troops, but....the outfield bleachers at Sajik Ballpark were filled with home runs.

![Lee Seung-yeop]( In 2003, Lee Seung-yeop, the “National Hitter,” set a new record for the most home runs in a single season in the KBO and Asian League. As he neared the milestone, the outfield seats in the stadiums where he played were empty. A “dragonfly club” was formed to capture the home run ball. April 2024. Another record-breaking year was in store for Waya-suk. Choi Jung-jeong, a “boy trader,” was on the verge of breaking Lee Seung-yeop's record for most career home runs (467). Choi tied Lee with a two-run homer in the bottom of the ninth inning against the KIA Tigers at home (SSG Landers Field, Incheon) on April 16, tying the record. It was a festival at SSG Landers Field on the 17th, when the record was set, especially in the left outfield, where home runs were overwhelmingly distributed. The excitement didn't last long. Choi was injured in his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning when he was hit in the right side of the head by a four-seam fastball (fastball) from opposing pitcher Will Crowe. The initial diagnosis was a fracture, but a second opinion the next day revealed a contusion. Choi rested for a while and made his comeback on March 23 against the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan. The game was rained out and no official record was kept, but Choi hit his first at-bat in the top of the first inning, hitting a changeup from opposing pitcher Han Hyun-hee for a double to left field. On the 24th, the sky was clear over Sajik Stadium. The crowd was larger than the previous day. However, most of them were home fans. The away infield bleachers were empty. However, the outfield seats were filled with baseball fans who were eager to celebrate the record. Many fans moved to the left outfield for the best at-bats. A baseball fan who visited Sajik Stadium on this day checked out the record-breaking scene. In the top of the fifth inning, with the bases loaded and SSG trailing 4-7, Choi took a first-pitch slider from opposing starter Lee In-bok over the left field wall. It was the 468th home run of his career. The SSG Baseball team's marketing team organized a generous prize for the baseball fan who acquired the KBO's all-time home run record home run ball. If he handed over the commemorative ball to the team, he could receive a year's free beverage voucher from Starbucks, two Live Zone season tickets for the 2024-2025 season, and a hotel stay. One man was the lucky winner. “We first asked the spectator's permission to take a photo with the home run ball, and we plan to ask his wishes after the end of the seventh inning,” said an SSG team official. A baseball official said, “I hope the best home run will come from SSG's home stadium.” He hoped that he would receive a hero's welcome in a more intense atmosphere. Indeed, there were many empty seats in the stands. The total attendance was 8499 people. However, the outfield was packed with baseball fans who wanted to enjoy the record-breaking moment. <>

“A repetition of dissonance behind stunning visuals”...'Stellar Blade' review

![Stellar Blade]( <br /> ShiftUp will officially release Stellar Blade, an action game for the PS5, on June 26, as interest in Korean game companies entering the console market increases. The game is told from the perspective of Eve, a paratrooper who escapes into space to fight back against the unknown creatures, the Natives, who have taken over the Earth. After crash-landing on Earth and losing a member of her squad in battle with the Natives, Eve, along with Adam, who finds help by chance, embarks on a journey to hunt down the Elder Native, the leader of the Natives. Like many sci-fi post-apocalyptic stories with a devastated earth and mysterious creatures, this one feels like a well-packaged version of the existing tropes rather than a new interpretation. Instead, it's all about the wrapping paper. For a shift-up with a strong visual focus, the in-game visuals are impressive. The camera composition is varied to showcase the beauty of the protagonist, Eve, in all her glory. The creators also revealed that they drew inspiration from ballet when staging the action, so each of Eve's moves are light and graceful, and the final boss fight is a literal slaughter. The partial but well-realized depiction of the Earth after humanity's departure also has a lot to recommend it to those who are sensitive to visual satisfaction. In addition, the optimization, which has been a problem for many global game companies in recent years, has been solved well, and it can be said that 'Stellar Blade' is a strong point that you can enjoy the game in a pleasant environment until the end. However, the game does not fully deliver the charm that a story-driven game should have. The story is overly simplistic, and the twists and revelations come as more of a surprise than a surprise. The dialog is also overly implied, making it feel like an MMORPG that uses short dialog to facilitate storytelling despite being a single-player game. The voice acting also reduces immersion in the story. It's not so much a matter of the voice actors themselves, but rather a lack of proper direction, with some characters sounding like foreign dubs and others like anime, resulting in a confusing tonal scheme. The repetitive narrative leaves questions in the back of your mind, and Eve, the player's alter ego, has little to say other than “let's get on with it,” which is a nuanced way of saying “let's get on with it. In particular, the storytelling, which pushes back all of the important choices so that you don't feel resolved after the ending, makes it impossible to know what the game was trying to say until the very last moment. In addition to the main story, there are memories of dead soldiers scattered around the map to give you a sense of the world, but the repetitive content and slightly different narratives don't add much to the experience other than collecting them. It's less fun to explore the limited open field and feel the story and worldview, but the combat, which is based on parrying and dodging, is not bad, which is the driving force behind the game. The lack of simple character progression is disappointing, however. The skills that are at the core of the battle are powerful enough to block most of the bosses' special attacks, so the character settings are geared toward increasing the number of times you use them and their effectiveness, and other settings are not very effective. 'Stellar Blade' feels like a jumbled mess of components that don't stack up harmoniously. Individually, they're all good and not bad, but together, they're just not compelling. The visuals that developer ShiftUp has shown so far in Stellar Blade are undeniably positive, but the game needs to work harder to fill in the depths that will allow it to live up to the increasingly high standards of the genre. <>

Lee Sung-yong's 'Chok' SSG escapes 2nd straight defeat against Lotte

![SSG Landers]( <br /> SSG Landers celebrate their veterans' record with a win. Despite losing their starting dugger, they came from behind to win the series. The SSG Landers came from behind to win the first game of their midweek series against the Lotte Giants 12-7 in the top of the seventh inning at Busan's Sajik Stadium on Thursday, thanks to a game-winning hit by Go Myung-joon. Although it was an away game for SSG, the team celebrated the victory on a day when its legendary players set a record that will go down in KBO history. SSG celebrated Choo Shin-soo's 2,000th career hit in Korea and Choi Jung-jeong's 468th career home run (No. 1 all-time in the KBO, No. 2 Lee Seung-yeop's 467), and Choi Jung-jeong's 468th career home run was a moment of honor as he surpassed Lee Seung-yeop (467) to become the KBO's all-time leader in individual home runs. Before the game, manager Lee Sung-yong said, “We have a good chemistry, but I think Choi Jung will hit a home run and Choo Shin-soo will hit 2,000 hits today,” and he was right. It was also his 19th consecutive season with double-digit home runs. This is also the first record in KBO history. The second place on the all-time list is Kia's Choi Hyung-woo (16 seasons). At the historic moment, not only SSG but also Lotte fans congratulated the legend with a standing ovation. It was not a smooth start. Duggar was knocked around for seven runs in just 2⅔ innings. In the bottom of the first inning, Yoon Dong-hee Hwang Sung-bin singled, an error by the second baseman, a sacrifice fly by Reyes, and an RBI single by Jeon Jun-woo. SSG answered back with four runs in the top of the second inning against Lotte starter Lee In-bok. Heredia singled, Park Sung-hwan doubled, and one out later, Lee Ji-young, Park Ji-hwan, Choi Ji-hoon, and Choo Shin-soo hit four consecutive singles. Shin-soo Choo's hit was the 2,000th hit of his career. Shin-soo Choo has 1,671 hits in American professional baseball and 329 hits in the Korean professional baseball to complete the 2,000-hit milestone. However, SSG came back in the bottom of the third inning to cut the deficit to 4-7 after Hwang Sung-bin singled, Reyes and Jeon Jun-woo doubled, Son Ho-young tripled, and Han Dong-hee singled. The comeback started with Choi Jung, the centerpiece of the home run army. In the top of the fifth inning, Choi and Han Yoo-seom drew a back-to-back arch to cut the lead to one. The top of the seventh inning also started with a bunt single by Choi. Back-to-back singles by Hanyusum Eredia and Park Sung-han tied the game at 7-7, and Ko Myung-joon followed with a two-run double over the center field fence. A wild pitch by reliever Choi Jun-yong allowed the runners to cross the plate for the 10th run. SSG added two more runs in the top of the ninth on an RBI triple by Choi Ji-hoon and a sacrifice fly by Choo Shin-soo. <>

Top defender's confidence, “(Opponents) won't want to play against our defense”

![Minnesota to victory]( Defense leads Minnesota to victory over Phoenix. The Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Phoenix Suns 105-93 in Game 2 of the first round of the 2023-2024 NBA Playoffs on Thursday (Feb. 24) at Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. The win was their second straight. They took a 2-0 series lead. Minnesota finished the regular season ranked third in the NBA in stingy defense this season. Their defensive rating (expected points allowed per 100 defensive opportunities) was a whopping 108.4, the lowest in the league. Even the Boston Celtics, who had the second-lowest, were far behind. They also had the league's lowest defensive rating (106.5), meaning they played the tightest defense of the season. This defense has continued into the playoffs. In Game 1, they held Phoenix to 95 points. Phoenix was stifled by the Minnesota defense, scoring well below their regular-season average of 116.2 points. It was more of the same in Game 2. Minnesota held its opponent to 93 points. As a result, Minnesota won both games. The first quarter was close, but Rudy Gobert (C, 216 cm), the heart of the defense, made his presence felt from the floor, scoring eight points. That, combined with the contributions of other players, gave them the edge. Although they gave up 30 points to their opponent in the second quarter, they were a completely different team in the second half. Minnesota held Phoenix to 20 points in the third quarter. Anthony Edwards (196 cm, G) added a pair of free throws at the end of the quarter to make it 78-71. In the fourth quarter, Minnesota continued to play solid defense, shutting down the opponent's “big three” and extending their lead to win the game. Kobe finished with 18 points, nine rebounds, three steals, and one blocked shot. “Defense won the game,” Kobe said in a postgame interview. I think everybody knows that,” Kobe said with approval. “Our defense is really solid. I think everyone realizes it, and I think the players they play against realize it. They don't want to play against our defense. I'm confident in our defense,” he said. Meanwhile, Gobert, who has been the heart of Minnesota's defense, has been tremendous again this season, making him a strong candidate for Defensive Player of the Year and seeking his fourth career Defensive Player of the Year award. <>

The Art of Slow? Now an Innings Eater! Second-year hopeful, first QS perfect game of the season!

![aesthetics of slowness]( <br /> 'The aesthetics of slowness'. These are the words that describe Yoon Young-cheol (20), a second-year pitcher for the Kia Tigers. Yoon's average fastball is only around 140 kilometers. In the era of fastball pitchers that exceed 150 kilometers, the second-year pitcher's velocity seems slower than normal. However, Yoon's razor-sharp delivery, which is rare among fastball pitchers, helped him win eight games in his rookie year. In addition to his fastball, Yoon has a wide variety of pitches, including curveballs, sliders, changeups, and cutters. His ability to stay calm and not falter at any point in the game has earned him another nickname, “the old man. One of Yoon's weaknesses has been his ability to stay in the innings. Although he has the ability to locate his pitches near the strike zone, his slower pitches are often taken advantage of by hitters, and his natural pitch count naturally increases, making it difficult for him to complete innings. “My velocity will come naturally as I gain experience,” Yoon said, making it clear that he would focus on his strengths. Against the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes on April 24, Yoon proved his innings of durability by utilizing his strengths of pitching and game management. Yoon started the game with a walk to leadoff hitter Lee Yong-kyu in the top of the first inning, but Dawson and Song Sung-moon popped out, and catcher Kim Tae-goon prevented Lee from stealing, saving his pitch count. In the second inning, a walk and a single threatened to put runners on the corners, but Kim Hwi-jip got out of the jam with a strikeout. After giving up the first run in the bottom of the third inning, she gave up another hit and was in danger of giving up another run, but she remained steady and got the final out. From the fourth through the sixth innings, he faced 10 batters and issued just one walk while piling up outs to complete a quality start (6+ innings pitched, 3 earned runs or less). In the bottom of the seventh, he walked the leadoff hitter, Ko Young-woo, but Kim Hwijip caught the ball himself and threw to second base for a double play. The total pitch count was 88. As Yoon walked off the mound, the crowd gave him a standing ovation and praised his performance. Yoon's fastball had a maximum velocity of 141 kilometers and an average velocity of 139 kilometers. However, Yoon's performance was enough to prove that velocity is not everything for a pitcher. <>

PointsBet debuts online casino product in Pennsylvania

PointsBet, the leading sportsbook for live betting, today debuted its online casino product in Pennsylvania, following the launch of the company's mobile app and digital sports betting product in the state in February of this year. In accordance with Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board requirements, PointsBet's casino product is currently available in a soft launch environment. Following successful launches in Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia, Pennsylvania marks the fourth state in which PointsBet offers its iGaming platform. The gaming operator first unveiled its online casino product in Michigan in May of 2021. "Just a few short months after launching PointsBet in the state, we're excited to now be able to introduce the Pennsylvania market to our innovative online casino product," said Aaron O'Sullivan, Pointsbet's VP of Online Casino Revenue. "At PointsBet, we pride ourselves with our ability to not only deliver our users with the best-in-class sports betting product but the best-in-class casino content as well – creating a holistic PointsBet user experience." In January, PointsBet's wholly owned subsidiary PointsBet Pennsylvania, LLC ("PointsBet") was awarded sports wagering and interactive gaming operator licenses by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. PointsBet users in the state will have access to games from IGT and Evolution. [바카라사이트]( PointsBet currently operates its sports betting product in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania with online casinos in Michigan, New Jersey, and West Virginia – and now Pennsylvania

New Orleans Saints Face Depth Issues at Running Back

New Orleans Saints rookie running back Kendre Miller sustained a knee injury during the team’s preseason opener on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. Miller is the second running back to suffer an injury since the Saints’ training camp began. The Saints indicated that Miller sprained his right knee in the third quarter, and he didn’t return to the game. Miller underwent testing on Monday to gauge the severity of his most recent injury. He doesn’t require surgery, but he’s most likely out for the remainder of the preseason. The Saints lack depth at the running back position and will begin the season without veteran starter Alvin Kamara. The NFL suspended Kamara for three games because of his involvement in a 2022 fight in Las Vegas. - Eno Benjamin Out, Will Saints Sign Hunt? The Saints selected Miller with a third-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft out of TCU. Miller initially injured his right knee during a loss against Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl in December. After getting drafted by the Saints, Miller missed off-season workouts and OTAs while he recovered from an MCL injury. Miller fully recovered by the time training camp began in late July. In March, the Saints signed veteran running back Jamaal Williams to a three-year contract. Williams rushed for a career-high 1,066 yards with the Detroit Lions last season. He led the NFL with 17 rushing touchdowns in 2022. When the Saints signed Williams, they expected Kamara would have to sit out six games. They caught a break with only a three-game suspension. Running back Eno Benjamin joined the Saints last season, but didn’t make much of an impact. The Saints were not confident he could back up Kamara this season, which is why they signed Williams. Benjamin ruptured his Achilles during practice in early August, and Miller moved up the depth chart. Head coach Dennis Allen will rely on Williams to begin the season as the starting running back. However, without Benjamin and possibly Miller, there’s no one to back up Williams until Kamara returns in Week 4. Free-agent running back Kareem Hunt visited the Saints last week, but two other teams could outbid the Saints. The Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings are both interested in Hunt. Colts starting running back Jonathan Taylor is nursing an injury and is embroiled in a contract extension dispute. Meanwhile, the Vikings need a running back to replace free-agent Dalvin Cook. - Kamara Suspended for First Three Games Kamara was involved in a fight during an elevator dispute with Darnell Greene at the Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. The incident occurred at Drai’s After Hours in February 2022 during Pro Bowl Weekend in Las Vegas. Kamara and Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Chris Lammons pleaded no contest to a criminal charge of breach of peace. They will both have to perform community service and must pay Greene’s medical bills. Kamara’s dust-up in Las Vegas resulted in a three-game suspension by the NFL. The suspension could have been worse if he earned a more severe charge. Kamara emerged as a dual-threat running back with the Saints after an auspicious rookie season in 2017. He tallied at least 1,300 combined yards from scrimmage in his first six seasons with the Saints, and has posted 1,500 combined yards at least three times. Kamara rushed for 16 touchdowns and caught five more in 2020. In 15 games last season, Kamara found the end zone only four times. But he combined for 1,387 total yards for a losing squad. - Betting the Saints on the Futures Market The Saints went 7-10 in 2022 and finished in second place in a lackluster NFC South, which was considered the weakest division in the NFL last season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the NFC South with a losing record at 8-9, and still secured a home playoff game as a division champion. The Saints enter this season as the betting favorite to win the NFC South at +120 odds. They are ahead of the Atlanta Falcons (+215), Carolina Panthers (+400), and the Bucs (+800). The Bucs are in rebuilding mode this season, and have yet to name a starting quarterback to replace Tom Brady, who retired in the off-season. Oddsmakers installed the Saints with a win total of 9.5 over/under for this upcoming season. The over pays out +105 odds, and the under pays -120. The Saints added quarterback Derek Carr in the off-season. Carr parted ways with the Las Vegas Raiders after they signed Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency. Jameis Winston, who struggled with multiple injuries last season, enters this season as the backup quarterback behind Carr. The versatile Taysom Hill is currently listed as the third-string QB and backup tight end on the depth chart. The Saints are +3000 odds to win Super Bowl LVIII. They’re fifth on DraftKings’ futures board to win the NFC Championship at +1200 odds. <br /> <>

'Kim Min-jae's transfer is not the problem' → 'Naples falling to the middle table, anarchy'

There has been criticism of Napoli's performance this season. Italian media La Repubblica claimed on the 22nd that Napoli's lackluster performance this season had nothing to do with breaking up with Kim Min-jae The media outlet said, 'Two years ago, Napoli's decision to release their main players at once was courageous and successful. Spalletti and Gintoli chose to part ways with players like Koulibaly, Mertens, Insine, Ospina and Lewis, which has transformed the team and become a plus,' said Napoli president Lorenz. They thought they could compete for the league title despite saying goodbye to Spalletti after the victory. However, Napoli became anarchic and suffered greatly. Even if Kim hadn't left the team, it wouldn't have been enough to solve the problem. He said, 'The reason Napoli fell was not the sale of Kim Min-jae Napoli is ranked eighth in Serie A with 13 wins, 10 draws, and 10 losses (49 points) this season. Napoli, which won the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years last season, is still active as its strikers, including Osimhen and Kvaracelia, who led the team to win the championship last season. On the other hand, there has been a gap in the defense line since Kim Min-jae left. Napoli, whose performance has plummeted from last season, has conceded 41 goals in 33 Serie A matches this season, more than Genoa, which ranks 12th in the league. Napoli has ranked third or higher in Serie A in seven of the last 10 seasons, but there are concerns that it will remain the worst in the last 10 seasons. Napoli appointed Garcia when Spaletti, who led the team to the Serie A championship last season, left the team, but Garcia was replaced during the season due to poor performance in November last year. Machari was later appointed, but Machari was also replaced in February. Napoli, who dismissed two coaches this season alone, is under the leadership of Calzone. Rumors have it that Napoli will return to the club recently. Italian media outlet Il Martino said on Thursday, "Kim Min-jae may return to the club after a year. Napoli are considering signing Kim Min-jae next season. The only possibility is a loan deal." He also said, "Kim Min-jae's high salary will still be a big problem. Kim Min-jae is paid 8.5 million euros from Bayern Munich, which is much more than Napoli can afford," predicting that Kim Min-jae will unlikely return to the club. <br /> [](

Kim Min-jae's New Teacher Finally Found... German Media "Munich May Promise Within April"

<br /> It seems that the new teacher of Korean defender Kim Min-jae has been decided. German local media pointed to Ralf Rangnick as Bayern Munich's new head coach. Bayern Munich, who failed to win the German Bundesliga for the 12th consecutive year, will part ways with manager Thomas Tuchel, who is currently leading the club, after the 2023-24 season. Munich's separation from Tuchel was confirmed in February. At the time, Munich announced on the club's official website that "Bayern Munich has agreed with Thomas Tuchel to end his contractual relationship, which was originally due to expire on June 30, 2025, on June 30, 2024." Tuchel, who took charge of Munich in March last year, extended his club's winning streak to 11 years by becoming Bundesliga champion last season, but faced a crisis of ending the second year of the 2023-24 season without a game, eventually leading to a mutual contract termination agreement with the club. Coach Tuchel failed to lift the trophy after losing 0-3 to RB Leipzig in the German Football League (DFL)-Super Cup before the start of the league. In addition, he was eliminated early in this season's German Football Confederation-Pokal Cup after losing to Jarbrücken, a third-division team, and the Bundesliga, which had been at the top for 11 consecutive years, was also handed over to Bayer Leverkusen. It is known that neither Tuchel nor Munich had any intention of changing the terms agreed upon by each other, although they advanced to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. Munich continued to search for a new head coach after his separation from Tuchel was confirmed. The leader who most wanted to replace Tuchel was Xavi Alonso, who led Leverkusen to the Bundesliga title this season, but Alonso himself said he would stay with Leverkusen and had to look for another leader. Munich, who failed to appoint Alonso, again sent a love call to German national team coach Julian Nagelsmann, who had been dismissed in the past. Nagelsmann, the young leader who holds the record for the youngest Bundesliga coach to make his debut, took charge of Munich ahead of the 2021-2022 season but was dismissed in March last year due to poor performance. He has led the German national football team since September last year after putting down the baton in Munich. Nagelsmann's contract period is until 2024 European Championship (Euro 2024) in Germany in July, so Munich decided to bring Nagelsmann after the tournament, but Nagelsmann's choice was to extend his contract with the German national team. The German Football Association announced on Wednesday that it had reached a unanimous agreement with Nagelsmann to extend his contract following the resolution of the association's supervisory committee and the general shareholders' meeting. With this contract renewal, Nagelsmann's contract with the German Football Association has been extended until 2026. Munich's position as the next head coach fell into the fog as the leaders to succeed Tuchel chose to remain in office. Several media outlets nominated Zinedine Zidane and Robert Dezerbi, but their weight was focused on appointing Ralf Rangnick, who currently leads the Austrian national soccer team. Rangnick has left a great mark in the Bundesliga. He has been the head coach of the Red Bull soccer team in Salzburg, Austria, and Leipzig, Germany, since 2012. As both coach and coach in Leipzig, he promoted Leipzig to the Bundesliga for the first time since his foundation and helped them finish second in the Bundesliga. The fact that he worked with current Munich general manager Christophe Freund at the time and established a close relationship also means that he is likely to become the next Munich general manager. <br /> [](