Analytics and User Details


On Outgrow, you can review the detailed analytics for each content piece. The admin and the managers can access very granular detail of each visit on each content piece.

  • View the events and the behavior of users on your content in the Analytics tab
  • View metrics to see how your content is performing across devices, regions
  • Get detailed insights into the user responses for each content piece that you create

How do I access analytics for my Outgrow content?

Steps to access analytics on Outgrow-

  1. Log in to your Outgrow dashboard. Now, to check the Analytics for a content piece, click on Analytics in the header.
  1. The dropdown shown in the following illustration shows a list of content pieces for which analytics is available. Select any content from the dropdown to access its user details and analytics.


  1. Each content piece needs to have some minimum data points before the analytics can be shown.
  2. You can also find the User Analytics by going into a content piece and navigating to the Analyze tab in the builder.
  1. The date range for which the data is shown can be changed. Click on the date range shown on the right side towards the center. Select the date range for which you want to display the analytics from the date picker. Click apply.

Key Metrics

Visitors- Total visitors (including repeat visitors) to a content piece.

Starts- Total number of visitors that interact with a particular content piece.

Conversions- A conversion is counted every time a user fills up the lead generation form on a piece of content.

Conversion Rate- Conversion rate is the percentage of Total Conversions over Total Unique Visits.

Engagements- It is the sum of call-to-action clicks and social shares performed by the users.

User and Question Funnels

To preview more details about the users, click on user details and analyze it further. You can check the overall quiz funnel or the question funnel with a breakdown of user inputs by option as shown below.

The great thing about this view is that you can easily see which specific options to each question and which specific outcomes/results were the most popular and by how much.

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