Configure General Settings for your Outgrow content

Under the General & SEO Settings tab, you can navigate to the General Settings Configuration section, to configure settings related to your content. This document will help you understand what can be configured in this section.


What can be configured in the General Settings section

For each Outgrow content, under the General Settings section, you can configure the following options:

A. Content Name: You can configure the name of your Outgrow content here.


B. Calculator URL: You can configure your Outgrow URL here. You can only configure the last part of the URL. For example, as you can see in the screenshot, OutgrowDemoCalculator is the part of the URL that can be customized.


C. White-labeled URL: In case Custom Domain via CNAME feature is enabled in your account, the URL will be customized as per the content name specified in Step B.


D. Browser Favicon: You can upload the favicon that you would like to be displayed in the browser here.

E. Facebook App ID: When you have CNAME enabled in your account, while sharing your content on Facebook, in case you want your developer name to appear on Facebook instead of Outgrow, you can add your Facebook App ID in this section.

F. Public Page Logo: You can upload the logo for your Outgrow public page in this section.


G. Outgrow Branding: You can toggle this setting in case you want to remove Outgrow branding from your content.


H. Publish on your Company page: You can toggle on this setting, in case you want the specific Outgrow content to be published on your public company page.


I. Trending Content: You can enable this option in case you want to show the live trending content from your account on the results page of the respective content.


J. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): GDPR is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU).
You can learn more about it here .


K. Preventive data Control Measures: Toggling these data control measures provides your Outgrow account with an extra layer of security. This is recommended if you're dealing with sensitive end-user data that should only be accessed by authorized individuals.


L. Enable Accessibility Check: When this setting is enabled, Outgrow will analyze your calculator for accessibility issues and will warn you on the aspects that should be fixed to make your Outgrow content more accessible in accordance with ADA Compliance regulations.


M. Allow cookies: You can set up the cookies to follow the user or choose to toggle it off.


N. Status: You can unpublish the content by toggling this off, and use it to make your content live whenever you are ready to make it public.


O. End the Calculator when: You can configure this setting to choose when the calculator status is made Private. By this, we mean that when the particular condition will be met, the calculator will get unpublished. You can the Date, Total Visit Count, or Total Lead Count as the criteria.


P. Generate GIF: You can also generate a GIF of your content in order to make it appealing to the potential leads and viewers on social media or otherwise


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