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Conditional Messaging

Say you are building a calculator that scores the efficacy of your marketing strategy. The calculator asks a few questions about your strategy and then give a score on 100.

Now, you might want to give a message to a user depending on how well he or she did. For example, if they score above 90, then you might want the message to say "You are a marketing ninja!". If they score between 40 and 90, you might want to say "You've got work to do!" and if they score less than 40, the message should read "You sure you're a marketer?".

Doing this becomes really simple using our Conditional Messaging feature.

Switch On the Toggle

Once you have set the formula and you know that your result is going to range between 0 and 100, start with toggling Conditional Messaging on from the right side bar.

When you switch it on, 2 sliders will appear. You can change the limits of these sliders to create your ranges. The conditional messages will be written on the basis of these ranges.

Set the Ranges

Now, you can start setting the ranges as per your requirement. The first range is 0-40, then 40-90 and then 90-100.


Range Definition

Please make sure that the minimum value in condition 1 on conditional messaging is the lower end of result range. In this case, since the lowest possible score is a 0, we would make the minimum of the first condition 0. Similarly, the maximum of the final condition will be the highest possible score.

Also, please make sure that each possible result is covered in one of the formulas. For example, if the last condition ends at 95 and not at 100, and someone scores a 99, they will not be able to see their conditional message.

Add Your Conditional Message

You can now draft unique messages for each of the 3 ranges.

Updated 3 years ago

Conditional Messaging

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