Result Page: Customizing Results Page As Per Your Requirements

Outgrow is a versatile content creation platform that offers different types of results screens to help create engaging content for your audience. Each type of content has a unique result screen that is tailored to suit its specific purpose. In this article, we will discuss the different types of result screens available on Outgrow and how you can customize them to fit your requirements.

Different types of Result Pages in Outgrow

A. Calculators: Calculators are an excellent way to engage users and provide them with a personalised experience. Once you have set the formula for your calculator, you can add the result variable and a detailed description. You can also drop in variables or answers from any question you've asked the users. For example, you can drop in the "Name" variable and write the title as "Hey, Here is Your Result". Additionally, you can add conditional messaging to enhance the user experience.

You can also add conditional messaging, more about it can be read here.

add conditional messaging



Earlier, in an Outgrow calculator, in case you wanted to hide a specific result from being displayed on the Results page, you had to reach out to our support team to assist you with hiding the result using Custom CSS code. But now, this setup can be easily achieved. On the Results page, you can navigate to the specific result, and enable the Hide From Result Screen setting. Once the setting is enabled, the specific result won't be displayed on the Results page in your live Outgrow calculator.

Hide From Result Screen

B. Outcome Quizzes: Outcome quizzes are similar to calculators but with a focus on providing personalized outcomes to users based on their quiz answers. You can customize the outcomes with a page title, outcome title, image or video, and a description to help users understand why the outcome is suitable for them. You can also have different calls to action (CTAs) on different outcomes to encourage users to take action.

Outcome Quizzes

C. Assessments: Assessments are graded quizzes that allow you to assign a score to each question. The results page for assessments or graded quizzes displays the score for the quiz, which is calculated automatically. You can add a score description with variables or answers to any question you've asked the users. You can also choose to show either an absolute or a percentage score and the score rank in the description of the result. Additionally, you can customize the result settings by choosing to show the answer key, adding media to the result, adding or hiding disclaimer text, and allowing users to review the quiz.


D. Polls: Polls are a quick and easy way to gather user feedback. The results page for polls displays the number of people who gave the same response as the user taking the poll (in percentage). You can customize the result settings by choosing to show the number of users who have taken the poll, the summary of the users’ responses, and add media and a CTA button.


E. eCommerce Quizzes: E-commerce quizzes are designed to help users find products that match their preferences. The results page for e-commerce quizzes displays product recommendations based on the user's responses. You can map the products to responses and then edit the results screen by choosing the number of recommendations to show, showing the tags of the products, showing the "add to cart" option, and showing similar products.

eCommerce Quizzes

F. Chatbot: The chatbot template is similar to an outcome quiz, with the same outcomes and their mapping. The only difference is in the template, i.e., the New York template.


G. Giveaway: Outgrow offers two modes in giveaway campaigns: the random mode and the contest mode. In the random mode, you have a campaign footer at the end where you can add a CTA button and social share options. The contest mode includes a page footer and a participant dashboard, where you can customize the score of all the competitors and their ranks.


H. Forms/surveys: The result screen of a form or survey can be designed as a simple thank you note or a detailed description that you want the users to read once they fill out the form.


In conclusion, Outgrow's different types of result screens provide a great way to engage and interact with your audience. By customizing the result screens, you can create personalized experiences that leave a lasting impression on your users. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].