Result Page: Customising results page as per your requirements

The result screen is what makes each content type in Outgrow unique. Starting from calculation-based results and mapping in Calculators and Quizzes respectively to Scorecards and Product Recommendations in Assessments and E-commerce quizzes. Outgrow has all different types of results which can help you create to-the-point content for your audience.

Let’s find out the different types of result screens available in Outgrow:

1. Calculators:

Once you have set the formula, you need to add the result variable into the formula for it to be visible to the users. You can also add a detailed description and drop in variables [answers] from any question you've asked the users. For example, you can drop in the "Name" variable and write the title as "Hey, Here is Your Result".

You can also add conditional messaging, more about it can be read here.


2. Outcome Quizzes:

The outcomes are to quiz what the result is to a calculator. An end-user who takes a quiz should be presented with the final outcome of the quiz. The outcome with the maximum score is selected as the outcome for the quiz. In case of a tie, the outcome which was selected for the last question is the final outcome.

You can customize the outcomes. Start with adding a page title, followed by an Outcome title. Upload an image or video to make the outcome look appealing. Add a description to help users understand why the outcome is suitable for them.

Now you can have different CTA on different Outcomes.
You can read more about “Call to Action” here


3. Assessments:

To access the results page for your Assessments or Graded quiz, click on Results at the bottom of the left sidebar. The score for a graded quiz is calculated automatically. Each question is assigned a maximum score of 1 which is split if there are multiple correct options for the question.

Score Description:

You can add a detailed description for your Graded quiz and drop in variables [answers] from any question you've asked the users. You can also choose to show either an Absolute score or a Percentage score. You can also show the Score Rank in the description of the result. Score rank shows how a person fared compared to all those people who have taken the quiz..

Result Settings:

Select the 'Results' tab from the left sidebar. On the Results page, click on the Settings tab at the top right side of the Properties panel. Here you can:

  • Choose to show the answer key for the Graded quiz to quiz takers
  • Add media to result
  • Add or hide disclaimer text on the results page.
  • Allow users to review a quiz

4. Polls:

To access the results page for your Poll in the Outgrow, click on 'Results' at the bottom of the left sidebar. The poll result is the number of people who gave the same response as the user taking the poll (in percentage). In the case of multiple poll questions, it is the average of the poll result of each question.

Note: If a user clicks on the Like or Follow button on your Results page but doesn't actually like or follow the Social network page, you'll not see any engagement on Outgrow Analytics.

Result Settings

Select the 'Results' tab from the left sidebar. On the Results properties, click on the 'Settings' tab on the top right side. Here you can:

  • Choose to show the number of users who have taken the Poll
  • Choose to show the summary of the users’ responses
  • Choose to give the option to review the poll
  • Add Media and CTA button

5. E-commerce Quizzes:

To access the results page for your eCommerce quiz in Outgrow, click on Recommendations at the bottom of the left sidebar. You can map the products to responses and then edit the results screen.

Here you can:

  • Choose the number of recommendations to show to the user
  • Choose to show the tags of the products
  • Choose to show the “add to cart” option
  • Choose to show similar products

6. Chatbot:

The chatbot is very similar to an Outcome Quiz, everything is the same, the outcomes and its mapping, the only difference is in the template, i.e. the New York template. More about it here


7. Giveaway:

Outgrow offers 2 modes in giveaway namely the Random mode and the Contest mode. In the Random mode, you have a campaign footer at the end.


You can add the CTA button here along with the social share options. More about these can be read here The second mode is the “Contest mode” where you have the “Page footer” and the “Participant dashboard”. The dashboard shows the score of all the competitors and their ranks as well. All this can be customized in the edit page properties.

8. Forms/surveys:

The result screen of a form or a survey can be designed as a simple Thank you note or a detailed description that you want the users to read once they fill out the form.


The team has created this with a lot of thought process and consideration regarding each content piece as well as question type, however, feel free to reach us at [email protected] with any suggestions or queries and we will be happy to help you out.