Miscellaneous FAQs | Outgrow

1. I am able to view the cookie banner even if GDPR is toggled off, please suggest. (they have integrated with HS)

You need to check if they have added the tracking ID under HS and also ask if they have toggled on allow cookies under HS settings. If yes, then the cookies will appear.

If Hubspot tracking is enabled under the tracking and events section, then the Hubspot cookie notification will appear on the quizzes and it can be removed only from their HS account.

2. How do we go about using Custom Variables?

To find Custom Variable, navigate to the CONFIGURE tab>>Integrations>>Incoming data.
Now scroll down to find Custom Variables and create the custom fields as per your requirements. Add the KEY and the Value.

You need to make sure that the KEY value is the same as the hidden value that you are looking to pass in the content URL. For example, if I wish to pass the email,
I can create the custom variable key field as email and value can be set as anything.
Then my quiz URL should be:

The key field should match as it is written under the custom variable.

Similarly, for integrating a custom field with your CRM tool, you can add the custom variable. Now the custom variable that you have set up will be reflected under the OTHERS section while mapping the fields. You can simply map the fields and click on Test Connection and Finish and your integration will be activated.

3. How do we go about using UTM parameters in Outgrow?

In order to gather information using UTM, you need to make sure that the live link of the content piece has the UTM parameters appended.

You can create the quiz link using this campaign builder tool:

Once you set it up, the information gathered through UTM can be viewed under User Details in the Analyze tab.

For content pieces that are supposed to be embedded, you need to manually edit the URL part of the embed code. You can add the UTM parameters right after the data URL part of the code and then Outgrow will be able to track the UTMs.

4. How can I track the users based on my own criteria?

You can track users based on your own criteria by customizing the events. To do so, toggle on the customize events option while setting up Tracking & Events for your content piece.

5. How can I track my audience from an external platform for example linkedin or reddit?

You can track your audience from a separate platform (say LinkedIn) by adding an external script. To do so, navigate to the Configure tab>>External Scripts.

6. What features can I access under Advanced Analytics?

Under Advanced analytics, you will have the access to customize the events of Facebook pixel, Google analytics, Google tag manager, Marketo pixel and so on.

7. How can I pass the lead information to a different quiz?

You can use Outgoing data to achieve this, you'll have to select the data points as shown here-


In the second quiz,You will have to create the custom variable fields to collect the data, here is an image:


Once that is done, you will have to enable "collect lead info via URL" under the lead gen settings, here is an image:


8. Can I use different colors to show the feedback on the basis of the option selected for a quiz/calculator?

No, that is not possible, you can do that with an assessment content type only.

9. I am not able to select my CRM's list when I proceed with a segment, when I proceed with the list, the option to select the list is available.

You will have to select the condition so that the map fields settings will open for that particular condition, here is an image.


10. Can I attach the save results as PDF along with the emails that I send to the clients?

Yes, you can. Here is an image


11. How does Facebook login affect lead collection?

If a user logs in via Facebook, then their name and email will be collected similar to the lead generation form but the person would not have to manually enter the data.

12. My facebook tracking is not working fine, I have used my Pixel ID, why is that?

You will have to toggle on Allow cookies to track the pixels, here is an image-