Sending Data to Your Application from Outgrow Using Pipedream

Pipedream is an integration platform built for developers. With Pipedream, you can connect APIs, remarkably fast.

To set up an integration between Outgrow & the application used in your organization using Pipedream, here is what you need to get started:

A. An Outgrow account with an active subscription plan.
B. A Pipedream account.
C. An active account for the application that you are trying to connect.
D. A live Outgrow content piece.

Steps to follow to connect Outgrow with your application using Pipedream

1. For rapid development purposes, you can use this Outgrow Webhook Workflow. You can click on the Copy button at the top, to copy the workflow into your account.


2. Once the workflow is copied into your account, click on Deploy to generate the Webhook URL that you need to specify in Outgrow.


3. Here you can see the generated Webhook URL that you need to copy, for it to be added in Outgrow.

Webhook URL

4. Once the Webhook URL is copied, log in to your Outgrow account and open the respective content piece in Build mode. When you are in the Builder mode, navigate to the Configure tab, and then to the Integrations sub-tab. Click on Webhooks, to access the Webhooks setting page. You need to specify the copied Webhook URL here and then click on Send Test Json & Save.


5. Once the test lead transfer is successful, you will see a 200 status message in Outgrow. Now go back to the Pipedream setup page and redeploy the event.

redeploy the event

6. Under steps.nodejs section, you need to go to Code, and then to the async step. Here you can add the code of your preference.


7. Next, you need to add a new return trigger to fetch any new lead that will be submitted in Outgrow. The code that you need to specify is:

//return steps.trigger.event.body; //
return event.body;
return trigger

NOTE: Once the code is added click on Deploy to execute the changes made to the event.

7. Once the event is deployed, you will be able to see a test lead being pulled from Outgrow.

test lead

8. Now in the next step you need to add an Action that will be performed when a new lead will be fetched from Outgrow. For this, you need to click on the Add (+) icon.


9. In the Add Action section, choose the application to which you want the data collected using Outgrow to be sent from Pipedream. For example purposes, here we will use Google Sheets as the destination application.

Add Action section

10. Post selecting Google Sheets as the application, choose to Add Single Row as the sub action.

Add Single Row

11. Connect your Google Sheets account with your Pipedream workflow. NOTE: While connecting your Google Sheets account with Pipedream Workflow, make sure you give Read & Write permission to Pipedream.

Connect your Google Sheets

12. Post connecting your Google Sheets account, select the specific Google Sheet in which you want the newly fetched data to be added.

Connect your Google Sheets

13. Now in the next steps, you need to specify the Outgrow fields for which you want the data to be added in Google Sheets. You will have to map each Outgrow field with the respective column in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets

14. For example purposes we have mapped Calculator Name, Email, and Source field in Outgrow with the respective Google Sheet columns.

Google Sheet

15. Click on Deploy to push the test lead that was fetched from Outgrow into Google Sheet.


16. Once the lead will be pushed to Google Sheet, you will be able to see the success in Pipedream.


17. You can check the Google Sheet to ensure that the data is being added correctly or not.

Google Sheet

18. Now you may enable the workflow on Pipedream


Once the workflow is enabled try to add actual data on the live content link provided by Outgrow. you will see that data will be pushed to Google sheet automatically.

In case you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you further.