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Mailchimp & Outgrow Integration: Transfer leads collected using Outgrow to your Mailchimp account

Mailchimp is the All-In-One integrated marketing platform for small businesses, to grow their business on their terms. Using Outgrow you can create interactive content such as Quizzes, Calculators, Assessments, etc to engage with the customers, and then set up an integration to automatically send these leads from Outgrow to Mailchimp.

Here's what you will need to get started:

  • An active Outgrow account.
  • A valid Mailchimp account with Web Services API access.
  • Mailing List/Lists in Mailchimp where you can add the Outgrow leads.
  • A live Outgrow content piece.

This document will help you in getting a better understanding of how to set up an integration between Outgrow & Mailchimp.

Setting up & Authenticating the connection between Outgrow and Mailchimp Account

1. To configure the integration between Outgrow & Mailchimp, you need to login to your Outgrow dashboard and open the respective content piece in builder mode. Once the respective content is open in build mode, you need to click on the Configure tab and then navigate to the Integrations sub-tab. Under Integrations go to Native and then click on the Configure Integrations icon (gear icon) to start the integration configuration.

2. Post clicking on the Configure Integration icon, an integration configuration window will open up. In this window, you will have to click on Authenticate With Mailchimp.

3. Use your Mailchimp Username and Password to authenticate the connection between Outgrow & Mailchimp.

4. Once your Outgrow account will be connected with your Mailchimp account, you can opt to add the leads to either a List or a Segment.

NOTE: Step 4.1 and 4.2 will be different depending on whether you opt to add the Leads to a List or Segment.

When you choose to add Outgrow Leads to a List

5. When you choose to Proceed With List, in the first step you will be required to select the List in Mailchimp in which you want the Leads to be added.

6. To the Leads that will be added to the selected list, you can choose to assign a single or multiple Tags as per your requirement. This is an optional step and in case you don't want to assign any Tag, you can click on Select & Continue.

7. You can also choose to assign a Single or Multiple Interest Categories to the newly added Leads in Mailchimp.

When you choose to add Outgrow Leads to a Segment

8. In case you have created a Segment in Outgrow to group leads using criteria such as Browser Type, Outcome Received, etc, you can map the Segment with a List in Mailchimp. You can click on Proceed To Map Fields button to initiate the mapping process.

9. In the next step depending on whether you have Single or Multiple Segments, you can map the segments with the respective Lists in Mailchimp.

9.1. In case you want to send the Leads from a single Segment in Outgrow, you can choose the Segment name from the Select Segment drop-down, and can then select the respective List in Mailchimp in which you want the leads to be added. In case you want to assign single or multiple Tags to the leads you can do that as well using the Select Tags drop-down.

9.2. In case you want to map multiple Segments in Outgrow with the same or different Lists in Mailchimp, you can click on Add Condition to map the respective Outgrow Segments with respective Lists in Mailchimp.

10. Once you have mapped the required Outgrow Segments with respective Mailchimp Lists, you can set up the mapping that will be followed to add the leads that are not a part of any Segment in the respective content piece in Outgrow. This mapping will be defined in the Else condition.

Mapping Outgrow fields with Mailchimp fields

11. Post configuring the List & Segment specific rules in Outgrow, the next step will be to map the required Outgrow fields for which you want to send the data, with the respective Mailchimp fields in which the data will be stored.

12. Once you have finished mapping the respective Outgrow & Mailchimp fields, you can configure Double Opt-In in case you want the users to confirm their subscription before getting added to a particular Mailchimp list.

13. Once you click on Finish your Outgrow & Mailchimp integration will be ready to use, and any new leads that will be collected using the respective Outgrow content will be automatically synced in Mailchimp. NOTE: When you will navigate to the integration dashboard, you will notice that the Active button will be toggled on for the Mailchimp integration.

Additional actions available for the newly configured integration

Once your Integration will be active, on the integrations dashboard you will be able to see a few more actions that you can choose from. Here is some more information about these actions:

A. Re-configure: In case your Mailchimp credentials have changed or you want to connect your Outgrow account with a different Mailchimp account, then you can opt for Reconfiguring your Mailchimp integration.

B. View Mapping: Using this functionality, you can get a quick overview of the field mappings that you in place in your Outgrow content piece.

C. Task History: You can check the lead sync status using this feature. It will show information about all the leads that have been Synced, leads that are Waiting To Sync, and leads that have Failed To Sync.

D. Deactivate: In case you don't want to sync leads from your respective Outgrow content piece into your Mailchimp list, you can simply deactivate the integration by toggling off the Active switch.



1. For every Outgrow content piece, you create you will have to activate or deactivate the integration from the Configuration section in the builder, in order to start or stop sending leads collected in Outgrow to Mailchimp.
2. Email field is a required field and needs to be mapped in order for the integration to be configured.

In case you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you further.

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Mailchimp & Outgrow Integration: Transfer leads collected using Outgrow to your Mailchimp account

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