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Mailchimp and Outgrow Integration

Sync Outgrow leads with Mailchimp through our native integration

Once you generate leads with Outgrow quizzes and calculators which are designed for conversion and engagement you can automatically send the leads to Mailchimp using our Outgrow and Mailchimp native integration.

Here's what you will need to get started:

  • An Outgrow account
  • A valid Mailchimp account with Web Services API access
  • A mailing list on Mailchimp where you can send your new subscribers
  • A live Outgrow Calculator/Outcome Quiz/Graded Quiz/Poll or E-commerce Quiz


Follow two simple steps to start sending the leads you collect on Outgrow to Mailchimp

  1. Configure the integration.
  2. Map fields and Test connection


  1. To start with the Mailchimp Integration configuration, you can navigate to the Integrations sub-tab present under the Configure tab in Outgrow builder dashboard. Click the Configure button on the Mailchimp Integration.
  1. When you click the configure button, a pop up appears where you will have to input your Mailchimp account username and password.

Adding leads from Outgrow to Lists or Segments in Mailchimp

  1. Next step will be to select the Mailchimp List or Segment that you want the leads to be added to.
  1. After integrating your account with Outgrow, you have the option to continue with a default list or you can add leads to specific lists in Mailchimp.
  1. You can refer to this link to learn more about creating segments in analytics and adding the specific segments to different segments in Mailchimp.

Map fields and Test connection

  1. Once you choose the respective list or segment that you would like to use in Mailchimp, you can go ahead and map the fields in Outgrow to the fields in Mailchimp where you would like the data to be added.

Note - If you have subscribed to the Freelancer or Essentials plan you have access to limited integrations then only the fields from Outgrow Lead Gen form will be mapped by default to the respective fields in Mailchimp. In case you would like to send over more details related to answers selected by a user, the result received etc, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to help you out.

Pro Tip 1: Make sure that the field types in Mailchimp are text input or string fields so that there is no mismatch between the field types.

Pro Tip 2: Any custom field added to Mailchimp will automatically appear in the drop-down on the mapping pop up page. For example, if a specific question in the calculator is about marketing budget but you don't have a field in Mailchimp for marketing budget you can create a custom field and then map the response to that question in Outgrow to the custom field in Mailchimp.

Pro Tip 3: Read this to learn how to add custom fields to MailChimp.

  1. Once you are done mapping the fields, we will push a test lead to Mailchimp with sample values. If connection and mapping are successful you will see the test lead in your Mailchimp mailing list.
  1. Your Outgrow calculator or quiz should now be successfully integrated with Mailchimp! When you are done mapping all fields the Mailchimp and test is successful, you will be able to see a green check mark, indicating that new leads will be forwarded to Mailchimp.

More actions

A. On the Integrations page, you can see a lot of actions available for your active Mailchimp integration, once the integration has been set up.

Re-configure- In case your Mailchimp credentials have changed or you want to connect Outgrow with a different Mailchimp account then you will have to Reconfigure your Mailchimp integration to continue getting Outgrow leads in your Mailchimp account.

Re-sync- If due to some error in connection your leads from a calculator or quiz have not been sent to Mailchimp then you can Sync the leads to your Mailchimp account after re-configuring. All the leads which were not sent to your account will be sent to Mailchimp when you sync.

Task- You can check the status of lead transfer in this section. It will show information about all the leads that have been passed over to Mailchimp, leads that are waiting to be synced, and leads that failed to sync with Mailchimp.

Deactivate - In case you don't want to send leads from a calculator or quiz to Mailchimp, you can simply deactivate it.

Feel free to reach out to us at Questions@Outgrow.Co, in case you have any questions or concerns


For every Outgrow content piece, you create you will have to activate or deactivate the integration from the Configuration section in the builder, in order to start or stop sending leads collected in Outgrow to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp and Outgrow Integration

Sync Outgrow leads with Mailchimp through our native integration

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