Configuring Branching Logic in Outgrow

In your Outgrow account, you now have the ability to configure the Branching Logic functionality. Using this functionality, depending on the user's previous selections, you can show different follow-up questions in real-time layouts. Using this document, you can learn more about how to configure this functionality in your Outgrow content.

How to configure Branching Logic in Outgrow

1. Login to your Outgrow dashboard, and open the respective content in Build mode. Once the content is opened in Build mode, you can add the questions and the respective options available for selection for each question.


2. Once the questions and respective responses have been added, click on the Apply Branching Logic button and then click on Add Condition.


3. For setting up the Branching Logic, you first need to select the question, from where the jump will be initiated depending on the response selected by the user.


4. In the next step, you can choose the operator, as well as the value for the respective question, which when selected/entered, will initialize the jump. You will also specify the path that the user will be navigated down to when the selected criteria will be met. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that we have specified the criteria that when the Response to Q1 is Greater Than 10000, then the user will be shown Lead Generation Form 2.


5. Make sure you click on Done in the Branching Logic pop-up window, and then on Publish to save the changes.

How to configure a Nested Branching Logic

You can also configure Nested Branching Logic in your content, and mentioned below are the steps that you can follow to set up the nested logic:

1. Click on the Apply Branching Logic button in your Outgrow content.
2. To add multiple conditions for the same jump, you can click on the Add button (highlighted in black).


3. While adding the multiple conditions, you can use the AND/OR operator, to specify whether you would like that all the conditions are met or some conditions to be met in the specific question for the jump to initiate.




A. AND operator should be used when you want to show a question only when a specific set of conditions are fulfilled in the previous question where the logic jump has been configured.

B. **OR** operator should be used when you want to specify that when either of the defined condition is met, the respective next question should be shown in accordance with the jump logic configured on the previous question.

4. You can choose to display multiple questions at once based on the responses submitted by the users for the previous questions.


5. Make sure you click on the Publish button to save the changes.

Things to remember

A. While using Branching Logic, you need to make sure that you configure conditions for all the possible answers, otherwise the users won't be able to proceed further. For example, if Q1 accepts numeric text input, and the jump condition that you have configured is If Q1 is Equal To 5, then show Q3, then Q3 will only be shown if Q1 is equal to 5. If no other conditions are configured, all the users who enter any value other than 5, will not be shown any questions in your content.

B. Branching Logic can only be configured on Real-Time layouts, so here are a few scenarios that you should keep in mind:

B.1. In Real-Time layout, all the questions are already shown on 1 page, and we only specify the required conditions using Branching Logic functionality to direct the users down a certain path. So in a case where you have applied the logic jump condition on the lead generation form that if the lead generation form is empty show Q7, then when the calculator will load, only Q7 will be visible on the screen, as the system will consider the lead generation form to be empty, even if the form has not been shown to the user yet.

B.2. Also, for Slider or Dropdown type questions where a default value is already set, the same logic will be applied that has been discussed in the point above. For example, if Q2 is a Slider type question with the default value set as 100, and the condition set as If Q2 is Greater Than 50 then show Q3. So when the calculator will load it will by default show Q3, as the system will consider the default value for Q2 while is already greater than 50.

If you still have any questions, feel free to use our chat tool on the bottom right or reach out to us at [email protected] and our team can help you with a quick solution.



Branching Logic currently can only be configured in 1 Column Real-Time and 2 Column Real-Time layouts.