Setting up a Native Integration between Outgrow and Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a web-based Sales CRM and pipeline management solution that enables businesses to plan their sales activities and monitor deals. Built using activity-based selling methodology, Pipedrive streamlines every action involved in converting a potential deal into a successful sale. As a cloud-based application, the solution can be accessed from anywhere 24x7 using any web browser or dedicated mobile apps.

To set up an integration between Outgrow & Pipedrive, here is what you need to get started:

A. An Outgrow account with an active subscription plan.
B. An active Pipedrive account with API access.
C. A live Outgrow content piece.

Steps for Configuring Integration

1. To start the integration configuration process you need to navigate to the Configure tab in your Outgrow builder dashboard. Click the Configure icon for Pipedrive integration (Gear Icon).


2. Click on the Authenticate With Pipedrive button.


Note - Please ensure that pop-ups are enabled in your web browser to see the Pipedrive account login page.

3. Enter your Pipedrive credentials to authenticate the integration.


4. You will see a notification where you will have to click on Continue to the App.


5. Once your account is authenticated and you have selected an account for passing on leads, you can choose to Proceed with Flow or Segments in order to move to the field mapping section.


6. Post selecting whether you want to continue with Flow or Segment, you will be taken to the Field Mapping section to map the respective Outgrow fields with the Pipedrive field.


7. Once you complete mapping the required fields, you can click on Finish to complete the integration configuration process.

8. Once the integration configuration will be complete, you will notice that the Active Integration Connection toggle will get enabled.


More available Actions for your Integration

Once your integration is activated, there are a few additional actions that are available for usage:

A. Re-configure: In case your Pipedrive credentials have changed or you want to connect your Outgrow account with a different Pipedrive account, or you want to reset the field mappings that are already in place, you can click on the Reconfigure button.

B. View Mapping: If you need to go over which fields you have mapped to configure your Outgrow-Pipedrive integration, you can click on view mapping. you can then toggle between tabs to view the mapping across all fields.

C. Task History: This contains the list of all the leads sent to Pipedrive. The leads which are in queue to be synced will have status Waiting and those which have failed to sync due to some reason will be shown as Failed. For each Failed To Sync or Waiting To Sync lead you can click on View Details, to see the reason because of which the lead is in its current state.

Deactivate: In case you don't want to send leads from a calculator or quiz to Pipedrive, you can simply deactivate the integration.



1. For every new Outgrow content that you create you will have to Configure, Activate or Deactivate the integration from the Configuration section in the builder.

2. In case you have opted for Essentials or Freelancer subscription plans, you can only send Lead Form data from Outgrow to Pipedrive. In case additional information such as Questions, Answers, UTM Parameters, etc, are required to be sent to Pipedrive, you can reach out to our Support Team and we will be happy to create a discounted offer for you.

3. Almost every CRM tool has kept mapping the email field mandatory. Without the email, you can't identify lead data. So in order to set up an integration with Pipedrive, mapping the email field is absolutely necessary.

In case you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you further.