Displaying Zip Codes automatically on the basis of City Name entered in the Lead Gen form using Lead Form Field Logic functionality

There will be cases where you would like the City Name to be auto-populated in the Lead Gen form on the basis of the Zip Code entered in a lead field. This is currently not possible but you can show a Zip Code on the basis of the City Name entered in a Lead Gen form field. This document will showcase how this can be achieved in Outgrow.

How to achieve the setup in Outgrow

Currently, we don't have a native mechanism in place using which the system can autofill City Names in a field on the basis of the Zip Code entered in a previous field. But using our Logic Jump functionality this can be achieved in Outgrow, and here is how the Logic Jump functionality will work:

A. In your Outgrow content piece add a new Lead Gen form that will be displayed After Questions.


B. You can add 2 Dropdown fields in this lead form. A dropdown field can be added by clicking on Add Field, and then choosing Others and then Dropdown as the field type.

B.1. **Add Field option:**


B.2. **Choosing Others as the Field Type:**


B.3 Choosing Dropdown as the Sub Field Type:


C. In the next step, rename the first dropdown field to City. Once the field is renamed, you can upload a CSV file containing the data related to Cities.


D. Rename the 2nd dropdown field as Zip Codes. Once that is done, click on the checkbox that says "Use Field Logic" that is displayed below the 2nd dropdown field. Then click on Configure Logic. Now you can upload CSVs associating Zip Codes with each City.


An example of how this will work is that, once this will be done, when a user will choose Paris as the City Name in the City field, they will only see Zip Codes associated with Paris.



To make sure that the configuration works in accordance with the set up that you have in mind, we recommend that you should have the user select a City first, because a City will have a One - To - Many connections with the Zip Codes, and will make it easier to configure logic for the fields.

In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further.