How to Create a Calculator Using Conditional Logic?

You can use basic operators like +, -, x and / by typing them out on the keyboard. You can easily build simple cost and savings calculators with these basic operators. If you would like to use advanced operators like ^ and log, you can use them too. Simply type them out on your keyboard.

However, if you would like to use more complicated formulas, you can read the sections below.

Using If-Then-Else Statements

To use conditional expressions, you need to use a formula of type x ? y : z. Let's use it in an example to better understand:

Say we are trying to access the risk of you hitting your head on the ceiling and it depends on your height. So you will ask a question "What is your height?" and on the basis of the answer assign a risk value.

assign a risk value

The expression will take the form: If my height is < 4.5 feet then my risk of hitting my head on the roof is 50%, else it is 90%. To write this expression is the formula builder, just write:

Q1 < 4.5 ? 50 : 90
*Here, "?" becomes the expression for "then", and ":" becomes the expression for "else".

 becomes the expression

Using Else-If Statements

This was a simple example but in a real situation, it may be more complicated. Say there was another question that asked if you have good eye sight. [if eyesight is good, them we assign a value of 1, else 0]

Using Else-If Statements

So if a person's height is greater than 4.5 feet but has good eyesight, then their risk is 70% (if they have bad eyesight, then risk is 90%).

In this case, we will need to use a nested if else statement to account for the new question. Here is what it will look like.

Q1 < 4.5 ? 50 : (Q2 == 1 ? 70 : 90)

This statement can be paraphrased as: if height is <4.5 feet, the risk is 50%, but if height > 4.5 feet and eyesight is good, then risk os 70%, else it is 90%



So on and so forth

Just like this, you can create as many else if statements to account for more variables and complications.


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[Advanced] Other Operators

For other advanced operators, please see the documentation for operators here and functions here.

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