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Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most popular use cases for a calculator or a quiz. In part, it is the conversion rate on lead generation that dictates its success. There are many lead generation strategies one can explore.

1. Result Gates - Gating the Results of Calculators / Quizzes

Perhaps the most widely used strategy, it includes adding a lead generation form after the prospects have completed the questions but before they are revealed the results. Since the prospect has spent some time working through the answers, he or she is more likely to part with their contact information in order to see the results.

That said, if the questions were not interesting or educational or entertaining, the prospects maybe unwilling to give information as they are not looking forward to the results as much.

Furthermore, it is highly recommended to have a skip option in case someone wants to see the results without giving their information. While it may lead to a lower conversion rate, the leads you will receive will be more legitimate and of higher quality.

2. Offer Based - Lead Generation on the Results Page

In B2C quizzes or even at times in B2B use cases, offer based lead gen forms shown after the results page are more popular. Here, the user would have already seen the result but you can incentivize them to still give their email through a lucrative offer.

The Dallas Mavericks added an offer at the end of their calculator to enter a raffle to win a signed Dirk Nowitzki Jersey. They got an 80%+ conversion rate.

3. Lead Gen on Landing Page or Welcome Page

This is when lead generation is on the welcome page or landing page. This can generate a lot of leads as everyone who lands on your page will see the lead gen form, but you need a strong value proposition for people to give you their email before starting. This is something we recommend testing out for your audience as it can give surprisingly good results if you have a great title that is useful or entertaining.

Lead Gen Fields

For B2B one trick you can use is to ask for a user’s name and Business email address, so you won’t have to ask for company name as well. The business email address will reveal the domain name / company of the user.

Pro Tip #1
For your best calculators you can add additional fields beyond name and business email / email like which of your friends would most benefit from this calculator? This is great as it helps the quiz get shared and go viral.

Pro Tip #2
You can make some fields mandatory and keep others as optional in the lead gen form. So some companies experimenting with requiring name, email and then leaving the third field optional. Make sure not to abuse this and have many fields that are optional 2-4 fields total should be enough for a lead gen form.

Pro Tip #3
Watch this awesome tutorial to learn how you can start generating leads with calculators and quizzes -

Updated 2 years ago

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