Integrate Stripe with your eCommerce Quiz

Stripe provides technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure to individuals and businesses, allowing them to receive online payments. In Outgrow, you now have the option to integrate Stripe with Outgrow. You can sell your products or services using integration between Outgrow and Stripe Checkout payment modal. You can go through this document to learn more about how this can be achieved.

Setting up the integration

1. To begin the process you need to locate the Publishable Key & Secret Key in Stripe. For getting this information log into your Stripe account.
2. Click Account from the top right hand of the page and then click on Account Settings.
3. Then click on the API Keys tab at the top. From here you need to copy the Live Publishable Key & Live Secret Key.


4. Once you have copied the key, login to your Outgrow dashboard and open the respective eCommerce Quiz in build mode. To learn more about how to create an eCommerce Quiz click here.

5. Once you have opened the quiz in build mode, navigate to the eCommerce Settings tab. In this tab toggle on the Sell With Stripe option.


6. Once you enable the Stripe setting, you need to enter 5 pieces of information in Outgrow:

A. Live Publishable Key
B. Live Secret Key
C. Seller Name
D. Description
E. Currency

7. In case you want that on the payment page, a user should be asked to enter Postal Code, Shipping Address, Billing Address, then these can be made required under options.


Important Note

*Stripe has recently updated its policies and Publishable API Keys which you earlier used in Outgrow. These are now only used to create tokens and check the validity of a card. In order to process a payment on the card in Outgrow using Stripe, you now need to use a Secret Key as well. This is a mandatory policy implementation and you can learn more about how to access the Secret API Key here.

Important things keep in mind

1. Make sure the currency you select in Outgrow under eCommerce settings tab is supported by your Stripe account.
2. For displaying the final amount that a user needs to pay, we take the amount from your Quiz data. Update the pricing of your products in Outgrow to make sure that the correct amount will be billed for each sale.
3. On results pages when the user will click on the CTA button, a Stripe payment popup will open. We have no control over payment processing at our end as we just facilitate the opening of Stripe payment popup displaying the correct amount.
4. We don't support entering payment related coupon code information in Outgrow.

Feel free to use our chat tool on the bottom right or reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have any questions or feedback and our team will be glad to assist you further.