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Sharing Outgrow experiences on Facebook. LinkedIn & Twitter

There are two ways one can share an Outgrow experience. One is by sharing the link of your Outgrow experience directly on a social network and the other is when users share your Outgrow experience using the Share button on the result page.

Sharing Outgrow experience URL on Social Network

When the content URL is shared on any Social network, the Social network picks up the title, meta description, and images from the SEO Settings of Outgrow content piece to show a preview in their respective "timelines" or "walls" or "threads" etc.


Sharing Outgrow experience from the Result page Social Share

An end-user can share the Outgrow content piece on social media using the Share button on the result page. The data that you want to show on the Share card should be added to the Result CTA.

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You can add the share widget title, description, URL, and image to Share on Social Media under Result settings.



Sharing embedded content piece

In case you have embedded an Outgrow interactive content piece on your webpage and you want the share URL to reflect your web address and not the calculator link. Add the Share URL on Share CTA settings as shown above to make sure your page gets shared and not the Outgrow URL.

Image Size guidelines

For Facebook
Shared link images have an optimal size of 1200 x 627 pixels. Keep these guidelines close by when uploading shared link images:

  • Square photo has a minimum upload size of 154 x 154 pixels in feed.
  • Square photo has a minimum upload size of 116 x 116 pixels on page.
  • Rectangular photo has a minimum upload size of 470 x 246 in feed.
  • Rectangular photo has a minimum upload size of 484 x 252 on page.

Facebook will automatically scale photos using the minimum dimensions. To avoid poor quality, increase the image resolution when scaling.

For Twitter
The image must be a minimum size of 144 pixels wide by 144 pixels tall and must be less than 5MB in file size. The image will also be cropped into a 125×125-pixel square.

For LinkedIn
The image preview will be scaled and cropped to fit a box of 436 pixels wide by 228 pixels tall.

Facebook not showing Social Share image

The information for share description and title might be cached so please follow these steps to un-cache it from FB.

Go to:
Enter the calculator URL and Click Debug
Click Scrape again 2-3 times, it will fetch the latest information.



Is Facebook still showing old featured image?

When you first share a link on Facebook, Facebook stores it (or caches it) in its system. Now, if you edit the image or replace it, Facebook still might show the old cached image. To tell Facebook to fetch the image again, you can just add a random suffix to the URL of the format "/?ref=a" or "/?a=2". Now, Facebook will think that this is a new URL and it will fetch the image again.

And don't worry. This suffix will not affect your content piece in any way.

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