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Segments in Analytics and Integration

How to create and save different segments in the analytics dashboard

You may want to save different filters in the analytics section for a quick overview of the required data. You can follow these simple steps and create your own desired segment of analytics data-

1. Segment in Analytics

First, you need to create a filter in analytics and save the segment. Go to the ANALYZE tab from the top. Now create a filter.

Once you have added the filter, you get an option to save the segment, click on that and add a unique name to save your segment.

Add a name here -

The name of your segment will appear in the drop-down.

You can create multiple segments like this and save it. These segments can also be used to send your different segmented lists to different email lists in your CRM tool. To know how to do this, you can read below -

2. Segments in Integration

You may want to divide your leads into two or more email lists in your crm tool. To do this first you need to create different segments in the analytics as stated above. Now go to the integrations tab in CONFIGURE section, select the CRM tool you want to integrate with.

When you click on configure integration, you get an option to proceed with list and proceed with the segment. To integrate with 1 list, you can proceed simply with list or proceed with the segment to create multiple mapping into different lists.

If you proceed with list, you can select the list in your crm tool and start mapping the outgrow fields to your fields in your crm

If you want to proceed with segment, click on it.

After you proceed with the segment, you get an option to set conditions for sending segments to a particular list and others into a different list.

Map your fields in all the lists you set, select interest categories and continue.

Your integration with segmentation is complete. For any questions, feel free to use our chat tool on the bottom right and our awesome support team will be happy to help.

Updated about a year ago

Segments in Analytics and Integration

How to create and save different segments in the analytics dashboard

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