Setting up E-Commerce Quiz in Outgrow

How to set up an E-Commerce quiz in Outgrow

We now have an exclusive experience featured on the e-commerce niche. As part of this new format, you can create product recommendations in Outgrow, and in today's world product recommendation quizzes do have a big role to play in e-commerce sales. Apparently, a product recommendation quiz eliminates the paradox of choice. It streamlines a customer’s journey and pulls them away from the vast pool of products that overwhelm them. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to learn more about how you can build e-commerce quizzes in Outgrow.

Step 1: Adding products in Outgrow

1. To start the process of setting up an e-commerce quiz, you need to login to your Outgrow account, and from the main dashboard choose e-commerce quiz option. You can choose if you want to select a design layout and start building the quiz or you want to use a premade template available in the template library.

2. Now, you can choose how you plan to import products in Outgrow. There are 4 options available:

A. Import products from your Shopify account - You can learn more about how to locate your Shopify credentials for setting up the import here.

B. Import products from your Bigcommerce account - You can learn more about how to locate your Bigcommerce credentials for setting up the import here.

C. Import products from your WooCommerce account - You can learn more about how to locate your WooCommerce credentials for setting up the import here.

D. Import products from your Magento account - You can learn more about how to locate your Shopify credentials for setting up the import here.

E. Import product using RSS feed URL - ****You can find the RSS Feed URL through the Page Source

Right-click on the website's page >> View Page Source >>  Use the “find” feature  >>  type RSS. You'll find the feed's URL between the quotes after href=

F. Import products using an excel file - You can simply link the excel file from your system to Outgrow and map the columns.

G. Add products manually - You can add the products and their details one by one.

3. For each product, you can add the details like the name description, price, tags, etc. You can upload images of each product as well.

4. Once all the products will be added in Outgrow, you will be able to access the products in the product store in Outgrow.

Step 2: Setting up Questions, Lead Form, Results Page in Outgrow

1. Setup the welcome screen and questions as per your requirements.

Step 3: Mapping Products to Options in the question

1. Click on the Recommendation button to navigate to the results page. On the results page click on Map Products To Responses under Recommendation Settings.

2. In the product mapping section, for each option in a question choose a filter that will be used to locate products that will be mapped to that particular option.

For example, here in Question 2, there are 2 response options available, ie; Basketball and Football. For users who choose Basketball, you can apply the filter as Title Contains LeBron OR Title Contains Air Jordan for mapping products. Once this is done click on the Map Products button. This will filter down all the products that have the word Air Jordan or LeBron in their name.

3.While mapping products to recommendations, you also have the option to use AND / OR operators individually or in combination.

For eg. Here for Question 2, ie; Your Budget is, we have 2 options - Up to $200 and Above $200. For the first option, ie; Up to $200, we have specified the mapping filters using a combination of AND as well as OR parameters.

4. Follow a combination of step 2 and step 3, in order to map each respective option in the following questions with the products that you have to offer.

5. When all the question options have been mapped, click on Done to save the settings.

6. Lastly, specify how many product recommendations do you want to show to each user on the results page, once they have submitted their responses to all the questions.

7. Once everything is set up click on 'Publish', to save the changes you have made in the quiz. Once the changes have been published, you can start promoting your Outgrow content piece using multiple channels.

Feel free to use our chat tool on the bottom right or reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have any questions and our team can help you with a quick solution.