Finding Number of Contents Completed Using Email Address

This is how you can find the completed content experiences by using the email address and API:

1. By using a Public API: Using our Public API, you can fetch the analytics data related to Leads & Visits for all the 10 different quizzes, and then you can filter out the record using email as the filtering criteria.

2. By using Global Webhook: You can create a script that will be used to receive all the Leads from all the different contents in Outgrow. These leads will be stored at your end, and you can run a query within the storage to get the number of contents filled by each user.

3. By setting up a native integration with Google Sheet: You can set up an integration between Outgrow and a Google Sheet, and you can push all the leads to that particular Google Sheet. Once the leads are added in the Google Sheet you can use counters in the pivot table.

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