Launching Outgrow Content Within Email Sent Using Emma

Emma is a digital marketing platform that lets you design and optimizes targeted email marketing campaigns and drive results with personalization, segmentation, and automation.

Using Outgrow's Launch In An Email feature, you can now add your Outgrow content in an email, which can be launched by your audience within the email

How to use Launch In An Email feature in Emma

To set up your content to be launched within an email, mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Login to your Emma account and once you have logged into your Emma account click on Create New Campaign button at the top.


2. Once you have clicked on Create New Campaign choose whether you want to set up a Regular Email campaign or A/B Test Email campaign. Here we will set up a Regular Email campaign.

Create New Campaign

3. In the next step you can choose whether you want to create a campaign from scratch, or you want to use a premade email template from Emma's template library.


4. In the Email Builder dashboard, you can set up the email content as per your requirements.

Email Builder dashboard

5. Once you have set up the content, you need to click on the HTML plugin and then drag and drop it at the appropriate location in the email.

click on the HTML

6. To get the code that you need to add to your email to allow the launching of your content in an email, you need to login to your Outgrow account in a new browser window.

7. Post logging into your Outgrow account, you need to open the respective Outgrow content in build mode.


8. Navigate to the Configure tab and click on Launch In An Email subtab. You can copy the email embed code from this section.


9. Once you have the code, you need to go back into your Emma email builder dashboard and click on Edit HTML.

Emma email builder

10. Add the code that you copied from Outgrow in the email HTML editor. Click on Save to save the settings.

Add the code

11. Once the code is added to the email, this is how the content will appear as a part of the email body:

code is added

12. Once the email is set up as per your requirement, click on Save to save the email. Then you can click on Review & Send to send out the email.

click on Save

13. Choose the recipients to whom you would like to send the email. Specify the subject of the email and also the sender's name and email address. Click on Send to send out the email.

Choose the recipients

In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further.


Important points to keep in mind

  1. To use the 'Launch In An Email' feature in an email please ensure that the first question in your Outgrow content needs to be either Rating or Opinion Scale.
  2. Ensure that the Welcome page is disabled in your Outgrow content.
  3. The lead form in your Outgrow content should not be on the Welcome page.