Customer FAQs

What is interactive content?

Interactive content is an experience that engages your prospects upfront by making them perform some sort of action; it's more than simply consuming some media, it is immersive and engaging. Interactive content adds value to the consumer by setting up a two-way dialogue between you and your consumers. In return, your customers receive the real-time, accurate results they are looking for.

How does interactive content apply to my business?

Marketers around the globe have realized the importance of engaging prospects than simply selling to them. And thus, they're increasingly using interactive content in their inbound marketing effort. Recently, the B2B marketers have also started making use of interactive tools such as calculators, quizzes, polls, assessments, etc. SMBs, mid-market companies, and large enterprises like EMC, Cisco, Atmel, and Oracle alike are using interactive content to start conversations and add value for their buyers.

What is the difference between a calculator and a quiz?

The basic difference between a calculator and a quiz is that calculators use numerical formulas to show results. Quizzes, on the other hand, use outcome mapping to show results. You have outcomes mapped to different options and whichever outcome is chosen the most number of times (based on the options the users select), that is shown as the final result. So, you will have 1 outcome for a quiz but multiple results for a calculator.

Can I embed the content into my website/blog/app?

Yes, the calculators and quizzes you create with Outgrow can be embedded into your site/app. You can learn more about it here.

Do you integrate with my CRM/marketing automation?

Yes, we offer integration with Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, and 500 other awesome apps.

How do integrations work?

We offer both native as well as Zapier powered integrations. With Zapier, you can integrate with over 500 apps. We also offer native integration for some tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, etc.

Who owns the content?

You have complete ownership of the content you create. We simply provide a platform and add the Outgrow watermark to the content piece you create, which can be turned off anytime based on the plan you've chosen.

I am already using Google Analytics? Can I continue using it for content analytics as well?

Yes, you can add your Google Analytics tracking ID to your calculator or quiz. Here's how you can do this -
Configure > General & SEO Settings > Google Analytics Tracking Id. You can track user behavior and various other events which take place on your calculator or quiz using Google Analytics.

Will you build a content piece for me?

We're happy to help! Please feel free to contact your account manager or any customer success representative whenever you need assistance in creating an experience.

What happens if I hit the max leads/visits?

When your allocated quota for leads and visits is exhausted, we will send you a polite reminder to buy an add-on in order to continue tracking leads and visits for the given period. Don't worry, all your content pieces will still be accessible in this case; only the analytics tracking and integrations will halt till you buy the add-on.

Why are there some design limitations?

  1. We have already optimized our templates in a way that you don't have to play around too much or get bogged down with heavy customization.

  2. There is already a lot of scope for customizing the content pieces you create.

Is the content mobile-optimized?

Yes, the content supports desktop, mobile, as well as tablet views.

How does the embedding work?

We provide different embedding options for websites. The content pieces can be easily embedded on HTML, WordPress, and Unbounce websites. Jump to our tutorial on different embedding options in Outgrow to understand how to launch a calculator as a pop-up or embed a calculator in an iframe on your existing website.

How will this help increase lead gen/brand awareness/sales/traffic/etc?

The most common search queries on Google go something like this - how much does x cost, what is the ROI of x, what’s the risk of x, etc. You can either post a static blog post that adds little or no value or tailor the answer to meet each of your prospect's specific requirements. Once you've created such content that can help the customers instead of selling to them, you get higher conversions.

Also, interactive content goes viral easily. Maybe not all of them, but the well-designed ones surely do. NY Times’s top article was a quiz, and it went viral within 10 days. BuzzFeed has 8 quizzes in its top 20 articles. Why does interactive content go viral? Because it’s about your customers. They get to interact and feel like they're a part of the whole experience. And to top that, if the results are accurate, they feel connected, and feel the need to share it with their friends to know what they’d get.

What kinds of companies do you typically work with?

Outgrow works with all types of companies. Whether you are a startup or an established corporate monarch, or perhaps an individual writer looking to up your writing game, Outgrow is for all.

How can I customize the content pieces?

Our interactive content pieces are fully customizable. The theme, logo, background image, questions, sections, all the text, call to action, and the final result can be customized to fit your use case. The Outgrow builder is very intuitive to use. You can choose from different input types for each question such as a simple set of input fields, pre-defined ranges, drop-down menus, or slider.

Watch this video to understand what magic you can create on Outgrow.

The results can be customized using the Formula editor, which allows you to drag and drop questions into the editor. You have the option of presenting results as ranges and defining units. To understand how to customize your content pieces, please go ahead and read through the tutorial on how to use the Outgrow Builder to create interactive experiences.