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AWeber and Outgrow Integration

Use Outgrow quizzes and calculators which are designed for conversion and engagement and push the leads you have collected to AWeber using our Outgrow-AWeber native integration.

Here's what you will need to get started :

  • An Outgrow account
  • A valid AWeber account with API access
  • A live Outgrow calculator or quiz


Follow two simple steps to start sending the leads you collect on Outgrow to AWeber

  1. Configure
  2. Map fields and Test connection


To access this integration, navigate to the Builder > Configure on your Outgrow calculator or quiz. Click the Configure button on AWeber Integration.


To configure AWeber make sure the pop-ups are allowed on the browser.

You will have to provide your AWeber Login id and Password in the AWeber authentication pop which appears on clicking configure.

Select your Account id, List and add tags for the leads sent from Outgrow if you classify the leads in AWeber using tags.

Aweber Configuration

Aweber Configuration

Map fields and Test connection

Limited integration for Essentials plan
For Essentials only name, email and other fields in the lead form on Outgrow calculator or quiz will be mapped to the respective fields on AWeber. All you need to do is to map the fields on Outgrow calculator or quiz to respective fields on AWeber.

For Business and Enterprise level plans

Business and Enterprise plans allow you to send detailed information about a lead on Outgrow calculator to connected app. Set up integration by mapping AWeber's fields with fields from your Outgrow calculator or quiz. Using loaded integration you can send lead form fields, location data, UTM information with all the questions and responses to your AWeber account.

Once you are done mapping the fields, we will push a test lead to AWeber with sample values. Click finish on Test connection step. If connection and mapping are successful you will see this test lead in your AWeber subscriber's list.

If your connection is successful you will see Active Status on AWeber which indicates that new leads on your calculator or quiz will be sent as Subscribers to AWeber.

More actions

Click on the small dropdown on top of the AWeber block to see more actions that can be performed on AWeber integration after it has been set up.

Test - It is recommended to Test your integration after you have changed something on your calculator or quiz on Outgrow. A test record will appear on AWeber if integration is done properly.

Sync- If due to some error in connection your leads from a calculator or quiz have not been sent to AWeber then you can Sync the leads to your AWeber account after re-configuring. All the leads which were not sent to your account will be sent to AWeber when you sync.

Deactivate - In case you don't want to send leads from a calculator or quiz to AWeber, you can simply deactivate it.

Re-configure- In case your AWeber credentials have changed or you want to connect Outgrow with a different AWeber account then you will have to Reconfigure your Aweber integration to continue getting Outgrow leads in your AWeber account as subscriber. If you have collected some leads on Outgrow but don't see them on AWeber then you should definitely try to Reconfigure once to fix it yourself. If that doesn't help then drop us an email with your query at questions@outgrow.co.


For every Outgrow calculator or quiz you create you will have to activate or deactivate the integration from config section on the builder, in order to start or stop sending leads collected on Outgrow to AWeber.

If your plan allows, you can easily map any value on Outgrow with any predefined or custom field on AWeber. Just make sure the data type of the fields which you have mapped matches otherwise your integration will throw an error.

Read this to learn how to add custom fields to subscribers on AWeber.


Testing your Integration

When everything is setup we suggest you to test it out and make sure everything is working as you expect it. Publish your calculator or quiz, submit a lead on calculator or quiz, and check that the new lead shows up in AWeber (it can take up to a couple minutes).

We recommend our users to add tags and custom field for Source to identify the leads sent from Outgrow. Source sent from Outgrow will be string 'outgrow'. This can be used to segment data in AWeber.

AWeber and Outgrow Integration

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