Use Compare function for Running A/B Tests on Outgrow Content

A/B testing is when two or more variations of a landing page, ad, or another piece of online content are pitted against each other to ascertain which one produces the highest conversion rate. A/B testing is the best way to improve your marketing campaigns. On Outgrow, you can run A/B tests for your content pieces using the Compare feature in the Analyze section.

What is the Compare functionality available in Outgrow?

Using the Compare tab, you can compare the results gathered on Outgrow for two or more content pieces. This will help you understand the difference in the performance of the variants of your content piece.

How to run A/B Test for Outgrow Content?

To run an A/B test, you need to create one or more variants of your key content piece. You can do this by altering the content piece slightly (For example- change the location of the Lead Generation form).

Now, you can split traffic between the content pieces from your Ad Campaign. Once you run the campaign and start receiving leads, you can compare and analyze the results by running an A/B test. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Log in to your Outgrow account. From the dashboard, select the content piece that you want to run an A/B test on.

2. Once you are in the builder, navigate to the Compare tab in the Analyze section.


3. Now you can go to the ‘Search’ field where you will see a dropdown list of your content pieces. You can select up to three content pieces for the A/B test.

NOTE- The key content piece is the one you are in currently, and that’s the one every other content piece will be compared against.

4. You can click on ‘Compare Now’ to get an overview of the difference in conversation rate, performance, and other variables in both graphic and tabular format.

Graphic Format:


Tabular Format:


5. Finally, you can review the results and publish the variant that works best.

Variables that can be compared in the A/B Test

1. Conversion Rate: Conversion Rate tells the conversion rates of both content pieces. You can find out the difference and analyze the reason and the scope for further improvement.

2. Improvement: Improvement tells what difference with respect to the goal the variation (the other content piece) is making. It is stated in percentage.



The Improvement is shown for the variations and not the Key content piece. So if the key content piece had a conversion rate of 26%, and the variations that are being compared had conversion rates of 23% and 31%. Then the one with 23% will have an improvement of -3% while the latter will have a 5% improvement.

3. Chance to beat this Quiz: Chance to Beat tells you the chances of any other content piece to beat or perform better than the Key content piece.

4. Conversion/Visitors: This will tell you out of the total number of visitors, how many leads got converted. (i.e. filled out the lead generation form and clicked on CTA)

Benefits of running an A/B Test

Here are the benefits of running an A/B Test:

A. Improved Content Engagement: As you create variants for your A/B tests, you also come up with lists of potential improvements. Thus, the simple act of running A/B tests makes the final version of your content piece better for your customers.

B. Increased Conversion Rates: A/B testing is the simplest way of creating content that converts more visitors into leads. When you take the time to create two or more versions of your content piece, it is easier to see what works better.

C. Ease of Analysis: One of the best things about A/B testing is that it's so simple to analyze the results as they are in statistical form.

D. Increased Sales: A/B testing helps you understand which variant of your content piece performs better with fewer bounce rates, better engagement, and more conversions. Running this content piece will ultimately lead to increased sale volume for your business.

E. Reduced Risks: A/B testing can help you understand if a change is going to be productive or not. This way you can avoid commitments to costly and time-consuming changes that are proven ineffective.

With Outgrow’s Compare tab, you can run A/B tests on your content pieces and check for all of the above and more. You can easily determine which variant of your content piece runs better by presenting each version to your users at random and analyzing the results that are gathered.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have any questions, and we will be happy to assist you further.