Configuring SEO Settings for your Outgrow content

With the rise in digital marketing, SEO has gained the utmost importance, may that be organic or inorganic marketing for your website. You can now add SEO information for your Outgrow content under the SEO section. Using this document you can learn more about all the different pieces of information that you can add to your content to boost your SEO rankings.


What all SEO settings can be configured for your Outgrow content

A. SEO Title: Search engines use the Title Tag to show a snippet of your page in the SERP. The title tag is important from an SEO perspective as well as for social sharing. The title needs to be under 55 characters and you can optimize it to include the keyword for which you want your content to rank.

B. Meta Description: Meta description summarizes the page's content for search engines. Adding meta descriptions to the content improves its chances of being discovered. Make sure you add relevant keywords in the meta description so that when a user searches for anything related to the content, it shows up in the organic (unpaid) search results. The meta description should be both keywords rich as well as catchy so that the user is enticed to click on the link.


C. Featured Image: The image that will be your content's face can be changed from here. The image used by default is the same as your content's welcome screen.

D. Explanation for SEO: You can add text to your content's footer to help Search engines index your content better. You can also add explanations to embeds to have your text appear in your content's embed footer.

E. Allow search engines to Index & Follow: Depending on how you're promoting your content, you can use either of these two configurations to optimize your content for SEO and add important keywords or a contextual message. However, if you don't want search engines to index your content pieces, it's better to keep them off/disabled.

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