Dropbox and Outgrow Integration

You can now host your Outgrow lead data in your Dropbox account with Outgrow-Dropbox native integration.

Here's what you will need to get started:

  • An active Outgrow account.
  • A valid Dropbox account.
  • A live Outgrow content piece.

Steps to set up the integration-

  1. Log in to your Outgrow account and select a content piece for which you want to set up an integration with Dropbox. Once you are in the builder, navigate to the Integrations section in the Configure tab. Under Native Integrations, you will see Dropbox.
  1. Post clicking on the Configure Integration icon, an integration configuration window will open up. In this window, you will have to click on Authenticate With Dropbox.

Log in to your Dropbox account on the next screen.

Allow your browser to load pop-ups to proceed with the Dropbox - Outgrow integration.

  1. Once your Dropbox account is authenticated, you will get an option to Proceed with Folder or Proceed with Account.

You can also toggle the Configure Visit Trigger button if you want to pass visitor details to Dropbox.

If you just have access to Limited Integration, you will have access to the trigger, but you can only send data from the lead generation form or content fields (like Calc Name, etc.). So, if the visitor does not fill in any of these details, no information will be passed.

  1. If you proceed with Folder, you can select a Folder on Dropbox where you would like to send the leads collected using Outgrow, and then click Select and Continue.


You can choose to Proceed with an Account.
5. After setting this up, you can click on Map Fields.

If you choose to proceed with Account, you can directly move on to mapping the fields.


You can only map questions with file upload question type in Outgrow-Dropbox integration.

After you are done with mapping, click on Test Connection>> Save Conditions and then Finish. Your Outgrow-Dropbox integration is now active. In Outgrow, an Active sign (Green Tick Mark) will be visible on Dropbox Integration.


When everything is set up we suggest you test it out to check if the integration is working properly or not. Publish your content, submit a lead on your content piece, and check if the files uploaded show up in Dropbox.


More Actions

Once the integration is configured and is active, you can navigate to the Dropbox block to see more actions that can be performed in Dropbox integration after it has been set up.

Re-configure- In case your Slack credentials have changed or you want to connect Outgrow with a different Dropbox account, then you will have to Reconfigure your Dropbox integration to continue getting Outgrow leads in your Dropbox account. If you have collected some leads on Outgrow but don't see them on Dropbox then you should definitely try to Reconfigure once to fix it yourself. If that doesn't help then drop us an email with your query at [email protected].

View Mapping- If you need to go over which fields you have mapped to configure your Outgrow-Dropbox integration, you can click on view mapping. you can then toggle between tabs to view the mapping across all fields.

Task History- This contains the list of all the leads sent to Dropbox. The leads which are in queue to be synced will have status Waiting and those which have failed to sync due to some reason will be shown as Failed. If due to some error in connection your leads from a content piece have not been sent to Dropbox then you can Sync the leads to your Dropbox account after re-configuring. All the leads which were not sent to your account will be sent to Dropbox when you sync. If for some reason, even after syncing you do not see your lead on your Dropbox account then reconfigure once and then Sync.

Deactivate- In case you don't want to send leads from a content piece to Dropbox, you can simply deactivate it.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be happy to help you out.