Configuring User Behaviour Tracking in Outgrow using Hubspot

Outgrow allows you to track users' events and behaviour on your content pieces using HubSpot. This document outlines the steps you need to follow to integrate your HubSpot account within Outgrow.

How to connect your HubSpot account to track Events & User Behaviour in your Outgrow content

1. First, you must find your HubSpot Tracking Code. If you already have a HubSpot account, then you can get started right away.

2. To find the tracking code, tracking ID, or property number in your HubSpot account:

A. Sign in to your HubSpot account.
B. Click on the Settings icon at the top right corner.


C. Under Settings, click on Tracking Code.

Tracking Code

D. Copy the Tracking Code from the Embed Code section present under Reports & Analytics Tracking.

Tracking Code

3. Now, open your respective Outgrow content in Build mode and click on the Configure tab. Navigate to Tracking & Events under General & SEO settings. You can add the code to the 'Integrate Google Analytics' field.

Build mode

Once the tracking ID is added to the content piece, the following events will start getting tracked:

A. A user views your content.
B. A user clicks CTA on the landing page or submits the lead form on your landing page.
C. A user submits the lead form at the end of the questionnaire.
D. A user clicks CTA on the Result/Outcome page or submits the lead form on the result page

Now, whenever one of these events takes place, you can see it in HubSpot Analytics under the Marketing tab.

Tracking Customized HubSpot Events using Outgrow

You can now track customised HubSpot events using Outgrow by clicking on Customise HubSpot Events under the Analytics events. These events can be configured for the Welcome, Questions, and Results Page.

Customized HubSpot Events

A. Welcome Page: For the Welcome page, you can set customised event tracking for tracking users who land on the welcome page, and also users who click on the Start button.

Welcome Page

A.1. When Lead Form is on Welcome Screen: In a case when the Lead form is on the Welcome screen, you can create an event for tracking users when they land on the Welcome page, and also users when they submit their Lead form.

Welcome Screen

B. Questions: For Questions, you can choose whether you want to set customized event tracking for all questions or for specific questions. You can choose whether you want to track events related to Question View, or an event that is triggered when someone clicks on the Next button after answering a question. You can also set event tracking for both the criteria together.


B.1. You can also set event tracking for Custom HTML page view and Next button click.

event tracking

B.2. When the Lead Form is displayed after Questions, you can set customized events for tracking users who View the Lead form and tracking users who Submit the Lead form.

Submit the Lead form

C. Results Page: For the Result page, you can set customised event tracking for tracking users who land on the Results page, and also users who submit the lead gen form, in case the lead form is shown on the Results page. For each event tracking, you need to specify Event Category, Event Action, Event Label, and Event Value.

Results Page

C.1. When the Lead Form is displayed Before or On the Results page, you can create customised events for tracking users who View the Results page, users who click the CTA button on the Result page, and users who Submit the lead details.

How we track views

We don't send any page view requests for your domain or any page links on your page. We only send one custom view request when the URL containing the embed is opened, and that too with the path as /calc-URL-from-builder,, which has nothing to do with your domain or page link. It's purely custom and a virtual link.

We also don't send page views for the User's domain, but we report a custom view for the calculator.

Lastly, if the link where the content is embedded gets opened via Facebook, etc, it catches Facebook as the referrer. In this case, we go to embed via your homepage, so its referrer is empty since it's your domain for which HubSpot property is running.

In case you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will be glad to assist you further.