Pass Result Info to Other Content & Use it for Result Calculation

You can pass results from one Outgrow content to another and use that information in calculating results in the second calculator. Using this document you can learn more about how to configure this in Outgrow.

Steps to follow to set up the flow of results within Outgrow

To pass results from 1 content piece to another, we will make use of the Custom Hidden variables functionality here. This is how it will be configured:

1. In the first content piece, navigate to the Integrations tab under Configure, and then navigate to the Outgoing Data sub-tab. Under Outgoing Data, toggle on the setting for the information that you would like to send to the second calculator. You can toggle on the settings for Questions, Lead Gen Form, Results, UTM Parameters, Custom Variables, Call API Variables & Other Variables.

NOTE: In this document, we have enabled the Results setting to show how the data can be transferred.


2. Now go to the Results page, and specify the URL of the 2nd calculator to which the data is being sent. NOTE: The result variables will be automatically added to the URL, when the user will click on the CTA button in the live content.


3. To proceed, please follow these steps on the 2nd calculator:

A. Go to the Integrations tab and then to the Incoming Data sub-tab.

B. Create Custom Variables to store the data that you will receive from the Redirect URL of the 1st calculator.

C. In the screenshot below, you can see that we have created Custom Variables for Result 1, Result 2, Result 3, and Result 4, as that is the information being sent from Calculator 1.

D. Set the Key as the name of the variable being sent through the URL.

E. Set a default value for the key that will be used in case there is no data captured for any user for the particular variable.

NOTE: We have assigned the key name as R1, R2, R3, and R4, as these are the variables being sent in the URL from the first calculator.


4. Now, you can navigate to the Results page and can open the Formula Builder. You can drag and drop the 4 newly created Custom Variables in the formula builder and can add the respective mathematical operators that you would like to use in the formula. Click on Apply Formula and then click on Publish to save the changes.


5. Now the values passed from the 1st calculator, will be used in calculating the results in the 2nd calculator.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or using the Chat window at the bottom of the page; we will be happy to help you.


Important Note

In Builder and Preview mode, only the default values will show as you won't be able to have URL parameters override the default values here. That will only happen in live mode.