Saving Multiple Pieces of Information in a Single Field in CRM

In Outgrow, you now have the option to collect multiple pieces of information from a user to content and transfer that information to your respective Customer Relationship Management tool or Marketing Automation tool.

You can learn more about this by going through the information mentioned here.

Setting up the required infrastructure in Outgrow

1. Login to Outgrow and navigate to the specific calculator/quiz in which you would like to introduce this functionality.


2. Once the calculator/quiz is opened, navigate to the Configure tab and then Go to Integrations. Under Integrations click on Incoming data and then go to Custom Variable.

3. Once you are in the Custom Variable section, click on Add A Variable. Specify the Key and Value for this Custom Variable.

NOTE: Key here will be the name that you would like to use for the variable and the Value field will contain information that you would like to transfer.


4. As you are trying to send over the information related to the answers to the questions that the user has provided along with the lead details, you can also send additional information using Custom Variables in Outgrow.



A. In this case, these are the values that I have specified Answer of Q1 is {Q1}, whereas Answer of Q2 is {Q2}. The answers for Q3 and Q4 are {Q3} & {Q4} respectively. The lead details for this person are {fullname} and {email}.

B. You can use symbols such as "And", ",", "Or" etc to separate the different variables used in the value field.

5. Once the variable value has been entered, click on the tick mark to save the key and value.

6. Navigate to the Native Integration section and start setting up the integration with your respective CRM/MAT. You can learn more about setting up integration with multiple tools here

Here, for example, we will be setting up integration with SalesForce.


7. While mapping fields map the Custom Variable that you have created in Outgrow with the respective field in your CRM/MAT.


8. Test connection once to see if the details are flowing through correctly or not.

9. Once everything is set, try submitting a test lead to see if the details are being added or not correctly.

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