With Outgrow, one can build almost any kind of interactive content, from calculators to graded quizzes and polls and a lot more.

1. Calculators

When you want to buy insurance or enroll in an online school, the first thing you’ll search for is “what is the cost of ___. In fact, millions of searches are made with the primary intent to understand the cost or ROI of making a purchase. Or more broadly, searches are made about any metrics that is important to a customer.

A hospital can build - “Calculate Your Risk of Getting a Heart Disease” and an online school can create - “Calculate How Much You can Save with Scholarships”.

Here is an example - VenturePact’s Mobile App Cost Calculator helps companies quickly estimate how much it would cost to build an app - a common question their sales team would receive. The calculator was extremely successful for the company, generating over 11k leads.

You will notice that the questions are simple enough that the user can quickly run through them, but at the same time, it’s long enough so that the user trusts the calculator and the output. Finally, the questions also provide your sales team with great data about the user.

You can learn more about how to build great calculators under the Building a Winning Experience section.

2. Graded quizzes

Graded quizzes like “How much do you really know about the Yankees” are breakout successes as they directly appeal to the human being in us. As humans, we have an innate need for validation, a need to diagnose ourselves and understand where we stand amongst the crowd. So, a quiz that gives you a score out of 10 or a 100 on your performance stands to go viral. Great examples include:

1. How well do you really know the ___?
(You can fill in the blank with Lakers, Friends, construction, business intelligence etc)
2. The hardest test you will take on ___?
3. You think you understand ___? Take this test and find out now?

3. Outcome Quizzes

What color is your aura?” or “Should I rent or buy?” are quizzes that have raked in millions of shares. Their lure lies in the prospect of learning something about oneself or about a topic of utmost importance.

Apply this to your business, and you have an entertaining product or service recommendation tool. Think about this - “What ___ is the right choice for you?” And you can fill in the blank with your product, be it cars, tennis racket, insurance plans, etc.

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