The first thing you will see after you log in is your Dashboard. Your Dashboard contains all your content pieces. If you haven't created a content piece yet, this is where you can start creating one. This is what the Dashboard looks like.


You can start creating a new content piece by choosing from the Numerical calculator, Outcome quiz, Graded quiz, etc. under the Select a Content Type section.


All the published, as well as draft content pieces are listed here on your Dashboard. Your content pieces are displayed in the order of creation, with the most recently edited or created ones displayed first.

Dashboard Shortcuts

Clicking on the options icon on any content piece reveals actions that can be performed on it directly from your Dashboard.


Click on Options icon to reveal actions which can be performed on your calculator or quiz.

Analytics for content pieces can be accessed directly from the Dashboard. Understand the various key metrics and how to access Analytics for Outgrow content pieces here on Analytics.


Managing multiple accounts

If you are an agency and managing multiple clients, then you will have multiple dashboards. You can switch from one client to another by selecting the company from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.


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