Configuring Save Results as PDF functionality in Outgrow

At times, users are not able to go through the information that you have shared with them on the results page. To make sure that the message that you are trying to convey to the users using the Results page is conveyed properly, Outgrow now lets you design a Custom PDF that your users can download from the results page, or that can be sent to the users as an attachment in the User Notification email. This document will help you understand how this feature can be configured in Outgrow.


Configuring Save As PDF feature

1. Open the respective content in Build mode and navigate to the Configure tab. Then navigate to the Save Results as PDF sub-section.


2. Using the HTML Editor, you can modify the look and feel of the PDF. Also, using the PDF Orientation section, you can choose whether the information will be displayed in Portrait or Landscape mode in the PDF. You can also choose the spacing using the PDF Space Setting drop-down.


3. You can add pre-formatted and personalized data points from your content piece in the PDF. You can add the data points for Questions, Results, UTM Parameters, and Lead Forms.


4. You can allow the users to download the PDF from the results page. You can also choose to send the PDF to the user as a part of the User Notification Email.

A. Allowing downloading of PDF from the Results Page:


B. Allowing the PDF to be sent as an attachment in the User Notification Email:


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