Integrations FAQs | Outgrow- Best Marketing Platform

1) Do you integrate with my CRM/marketing automation?
Yes, we offer integration with Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, and 500 other awesome apps.

2) How do integrations work?
We offer both native as well as Zapier powered integrations. With Zapier, you can integrate with over 500 apps. We also offer native integration for some tools like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, etc.

3) Client: I get an error while integrating with my CRM tool. It says “email field missing”. What should I do?
This is a very common error that a lot of clients make. You need to remember that Email is a compulsory field for setting up integration with any CRM tool. You can simply resolve this issue by following two steps-
Step 1: Check if you have set up a lead generation form for capturing email or you are doing it via a question.
Step 2: Check if you have set up an email field in the CRM tool that you are integrating with.

4) How can I pass the files from the file upload question type?
You can pass the files from the file upload question type by integrating your content piece with Google Drive. By doing this, you can map the questions as per your requirement and the files will be uploaded to your Google Drive account as and when the user takes the content piece.

5) What is the reason for a field mismatch?
A field mismatch is a common error that a lot of clients make while setting up the integration. To resolve this issue, you need to make sure that the data type for all the fields in Outgrow and the CRM tool is the same.
For example, if we have set up a numeric data type in Outgrow and are sending some special character in the question response, then it will throw a field mismatch error.

6) Where do the Fallback Values come in handy?
Many times, when you set up a logic jump to a certain question and the question gets skipped as a result of the logic jump, your CRM will show an error ‘NOT ANSWERED’. This can be resolved by adding Fallback Values to all skippable questions that are non-mandatory or are included in the formulae. So you need to make sure that the non-mandatory questions' fallback value is set to ‘BLANK’. Then even if the question is skipped, the integration will not fail to sync.

7) Why is my lead information taking time in getting transferred to my CRM?

If data is syncing after a certain time interval, you can check if the Lead Generation form is on the Welcome Screen and what is the delay time configured. You can then change the time delay according to your requirement.

8) How do I make sure that my HubSpot integration works properly?
You can debug any integration errors by checking the entire setup manually.
For the question types- multi-select/single-select/drop-down in HubSpot, we should make sure that all the options under the question are added under the HubSpot property.
Otherwise, if any of those will be missed, then we’ll get an error- “___” was not an allowed option.
Also, for non-mandatory questions, we should allow “NOT ANSWERED” as one of the options so that the integration doesn’t fail to sync if a question is not answered.

9) From where can I configure integration?
To set up the integration for your content piece, navigate to the Configure tab>Integrations. Under the Integrations sub-tab, you can choose between Native, Zapier, Social integration, etc. For any help with the integration process, you can refer to our support doc for the same.

10) Why am I unable to send results and responses?
You have access to the Std Integrations under your plan and hence you can only send the lead information such as name, email, etc. to your CRM. In order to send out Results and Responses, you need access to the Advanced integrations.

11) How can I see what my current plan supports - std or adv integrations?
You can check whether your plan has access to the standard or advanced integrations by navigating to the pricing page. You will be able to check all the features offered under your plan in detail.

12) Leads are not syncing, why?
If your leads are not syncing, please check task history for any waiting or failed syncs and send them out by rectifying the error from events.