CSS FAQs | Outgrow - Best Tool for Marketer

1) I want to have a submit button on my lead generation form which is placed after the last question. Kindly suggest.

Change the position of lead gen form to “before results” and the button will come automatically. This can also be done via CSS. You can contact the Sales & CS Team and they can fetch you a code from the Design team in order to add a button to the lead generation form.

2) Where can I find CSS?

You can find CSS by navigating to the Configure tab>>Custom Style Sheets. You can add your Custom Code in the field over there in order to get required results.

3) Why are the changes not visible in the builder even after adding the code?

You need to click on Publish Changes in order to make the changes go live. Once you do that, the changes will reflect in the build mode as well as the live version.

4) What can I change with CSS?

You can make various changes like design changes, changes in text alignment, CSS excel files, changes in the PDF report etc.