Infusionsoft and Outgrow Integration

You can now push the leads you have collected using Outgrow experiences to InfusionSoft using our Outgrow - InfusionSoft integration.

Here's what you will need to get started

An Outgrow account
A valid InfusionSoft account with API access
A live Outgrow calculator or quiz

Steps to follow

Follow two simple steps to start sending the leads you collect on Outgrow to InfusionSoft:

  1. Configure
  2. Map fields and Test connection

Step 1: Configure

1. To access the integration section, navigate to the Builder and then go to the Configure tab in your Outgrow experience builder dashboard. Click the Configure button on InfusionSoft Integration.

2. Click on Authenticate With InfusionSoft and enter the account details for your InfusionSoft account.

3. Once account configuration is done, you have the option to Proceed With Segments or Proceed With Tags.

A. Proceed With Segment:

A.1. Click on Proceed With Segment.

A.2. Specify the Segment whose leads you would like to transfer to InfusionSoft using Integration. Also, specify the tag that you would like to assign to these leads.

A.3. Click on Save Conditions to save the tag and segment settings. Post that map the fields between Outgrow and InfusionSoft and click on Test Connection. We will push a test lead to InfusionsSoft with sample values. If connection and mapping are successful you will see this test lead in your InfusionSoft list.

B. Proceed With Tags:

B.1. Once you connect your Outgrow account with InfusionSoft account, you need to click on Proceed With Tags.

B.2. Choose the appropriate tags that you would like to assign to the leads that will be transferred from Outgrow to InfusionSoft.

B.3. Once you have selected the appropriate tags, move on to the field mapping stage and map the appropriate Outgrow fields to InfusionSoft fields.

B.4. Once you are done mapping the fields, click on Test Connection. We will push a test lead to InfusionsSoft with sample values. If connection and mapping are successful you will see this test lead in your InfusionSoft list.

5. If your connection is successful you will see Active Status on InfusionSoft which indicates that new leads on your calculator or quiz will be sent to InfusionSoft.

More actions

Sync - If due to some error in connection your leads from Outgrow have not been sent to InfusionSoft then you can Sync the leads to your InfusionSoft account after re-configuring. All the leads which were not sent to your account will be sent to InfusionSoft when performing Sync action.

Re-configure - In case your InfusionSoft credentials have changed or you want to connect Outgrow with a different InfusionSoft account then you will have to Reconfigure your InfusionSoft integration to continue getting Outgrow leads in your InfusionSoft account. If you have collected some leads in Outgrow but don't see them in InfusionSoft then you should definitely try to Reconfigure integration once to fix it yourself. If that doesn't help then drop us an email with your query at qu[email protected]



For every Outgrow experience, you create you will have to activate or deactivate the integration from config section on the builder, in order to start or stop sending leads collected on Outgrow to InfusionSoft.

When everything is setup we suggest you to test out the integration and make sure everything is working as you expect it. Publish your calculator or quiz, submit a lead on calculator or quiz, and check that the new lead shows up in InfusionSoft (it can take up to a couple minutes).

Any custom field added in InfusionSoft will automatically show up in the mapping section in Outgrow.



You can learn more about managing tags in InfusionSoft here.

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