Setting up Advance Outcome Mapping in your Outgrow Quiz

For the Quiz content type, currently, you can map the outcomes that you have created to the individual options available for every question. When this is done, an outcome is assigned a point, each time it is mapped to an option, and at the end, whichever outcome gets the most points through the selection of responses is recommended.

But now we are introducing the functionality of Advanced Mapping, which will give users the power to assign different points to each outcome against each response. In the end, the outcome that gets the most points by selecting options will be recommended.

Using this document, you can learn more about how to set up Advanced Mapping in your Quiz.

Setting up your Quiz and configuring Advanced Mapping criteria.

  1. Once you decide to create an Outcome Quiz, you first need to choose whether you want to select a Design Layout and build everything from Scratch or use a Premade Template from the design library.

Design Layout

  1. Post selecting the design layout, the next thing that you need to do is to configure the text and fields that will be displayed on the Lead Form and Welcome Screen and also finalize the design for the Welcome Screen and the overall design. You can also add the Questions, Responses for each question, and Outcomes.


  1. Now to configure Advance Mapping in your Outcome Quiz, you can toggle on the setting for Advanced Mapping.

Advance Mapping

NOTE: Enabling Advanced Mapping will disable the ability available within a question, to map each individual option to an outcome.

  1. Once the Advanced Mapping setting is enabled, you can assign a score weightage for each option in a question.

Score Weightage

  1. Post assign the point weightage for each option, and click on Map Outcomes to save the changes.
  2. You can also reconfigure the points assigned for each option, by clicking on the Advanced Mapping button on the outcomes page.

Outcome Page

  1. Once everything is finalized, click on Publish to save the changes.



A. Advance Mapping won't be applicable for Opinion Scale, Rating Scale and Slider Question Types.

B. Enabling advanced mapping will disable mapping inside each question.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns that you have.