How to create an Outcome Quiz

Learn how to create an Outcome Quiz

Learn to create an Outcome Quiz with this quick video tutorial

After customizing the welcome screen for your quiz, next step would be to build the questionnaire. Just click the question on the canvas and start editing.

- Say your first question is “Who is your target audience?"
- And your options are teens, young adults & adults

Select the Single select type of question, type in the question title and add options.


Editing a question on a Quiz

Now, you need to map each of these options to a certain social network:

  • So suppose for the option “teens”, we want to map it to an outcome, lets say 'Snapchat'.
  • All you need to do is type Snapchat here and your outcome will be added to the list of outcomes
  • Similarly, for the option “young adults”, we want to map to LinkedIn as well as Facebook.
  • We can do this for the rest of the options as well.
  • One question can be mapped to multiple outcomes.
- Another question you might want to ask is..”How will you define your business?"
- And your options are “B2B” and “B2C"
- You can map B2B to Linkedin and B2C to Snapchat and Facebook
- Just like this you go on creating as many questions as you want, while mapping the options to one of the social network outcomes.

You have the choice to add as many questions as you want to your questionnaire.


Add new sections, questions and a lead form to the questionnaire

Hover over a question to see the available options.


Add question to questionnaire


Outcomes section allows you to customize the outcome of the quiz you're building. You can have one or more outcomes for your quiz.

Add an outcome by clicking on Add Outcome option towards the end in the left sidebar.


Now it's time to provide a name to the quiz. This will be displayed at the top of quiz, so make sure it's catchy.

All changes you make to your quiz are auto-saved. Notice the circle on the header towards the top right. Whenever any change is made to quiz the circle rotates and then a tick mark shows up. This indicates that the progress is saved.

Once the name of a calculator gets saved, you can click Go Live or go to the Configure tab and configure the SEO and basic settings of your calculator first. Learn how to tweak SEO Settings for your quiz and calculator in this tutorial.


Also, before setting the quiz live add a suitable URL, SEO title, Meta Description and Favicon to your Quiz. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to view the Analytics for your Quiz.


Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to address any questions or concerns that you have.

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