Call to Action in Outgrow

You can redirect users to your website or improve your social media following by adding a Like button for your Facebook page or a Follow button for your Twitter account. You can also add social sharing as a primary CTA on your content piece's Results or Outcome page.

Once you have added the results screen you have provided some value to the user, what is the next step for a user at that point? It's a clear call to action button on that page.


Change the CTA button text and the URL for the CTA button. For CTA, now you can choose between setting Redirect to a URL, Improving your Social Followers, and Allow users to share the result or outcome on social networking platforms.


Configuring Call To CTA functionality

Step 1. Open your content in build mode and navigate to the results page.

Step 2. Navigate to the Call To Action section on the results page. By default, the CTA will be set to redirect a user to a webpage.

Step 3. Edit the CTA text in accordance with what is it that you would like to show to the users. In the URL field mention tel: Phone Number or Email ID or the URL to your webpage.

Step 4. Once you have made the changes, you can open the content on a phone.

Step 5. When you click on the Call To Book Appointment/ Email/ URL button, it will prompt you to allow the Outgrow piece to access the dial pad/ email/webpage respectively. You need to make sure that you accept the prompt that you get on the screen.

Refer to the screenshot below.


Step 6. Once you allow the content to access it, the specified CTA page will be opened.

Step 7. Once the changes are made, you need to click on Publish changes.

There is also an option to Save results as PDF where the user can save the results in a form PDF which you can configure in the Configure Tab. More about it here.

Call to action in Analytics

How does CTA in Outgrow help in Analytics, let's find out.

in the user funnels, you can analyze where the user has left the content and how many of them clicked on the CTA button.

Bounce Rate

How many people do not click on the call to action on the landing page

Benchmark with the right copywriting, this number should be > 75%. In case it is lesser, it is recommended that you A/B test the wording.

Click Through Rate

How many people clicked on the call to action on the results page for further engagement.

Benchmark With the right CTA and/or offer, this number should be ~ 15-20%.


Important Note

In case you have set up Conditional Messaging you can set up the Call To Action to be different for each condition. For a particular condition, you can set the CTA button to redirect a user to a URL whereas for a different condition you can set the CTA button to allow the user to call your team or send you an email.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to assist you further.

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