Email Notifications

An email notification can help you better understand your audience and generate qualified leads.


With Outgrow, you can set up email notifications to be sent to the users when they use your content. You can use responses the user has submitted on your quiz or calculator and the lead generation form fields in the Body of the email. Toggle 'Activate' as shown in the image below once you have formatted the email.

You can also include different variables in this email and can customize the email as per your requirement. These variables can include variables for:

A. Answers of each question.
B. Result received.
C. Lead Form details.
D. UTM Parameters.


Please note these points while setting up your confirmation email or facing an issue -

  1. Make sure confirmation emails are toggled make sure your content is live
  2. Make sure you test on the live version of the content
  3. Make sure to review all your mail and spam folders
  4. Make sure the characters are less than 5000 and you are good to go


You can also choose to send a notification to yourself and your teammates when someone gives their details on your content piece. For doing this, enable the notification to self by toggling the button.
Now you can configure the message as well as add the PDF



Make sure you have entered your email id in 'send from' for both notifications to self and to users for the email to work.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] You can also use our chat tool on the bottom right and our support team will be happy to help!

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