Configuring Email Notifications in Outgrow

An email notification can help you better understand your audience and generate qualified leads.

Using Outgrow you can now configure emails that can be sent to your team internally, or to your end users every time a lead is submitted using your Outgrow content. This document will help you understand how User Notification Email and Notification Emails To Self and Internal Team can be configured in Outgrow.

Configuring User Notification Emails

With Outgrow, you can set up email notifications to be sent to the users when they use your content and submit their lead details. You can use responses and the lead details that the user has submitted in your Outgrow content in the Body of the email. You can enable the User Notification email by toggling on the setting for the email as shown in the image below.


You can also include different variables in this email and can customize the email as per your requirement. These variables can include variables for:

A. Response submitted for each question. You can also add the response submitted for a widget.
B. Result received at the end.
C. Lead Form details.
D. UTM Parameters.




1. Make sure confirmation emails are toggled make sure your content is live
2. You can remove the Unsubscribe link from the email, but that will increase the chance of the email being marked as spam by the receiver's email service provider.
3. To ensure the deliverability of emails, please make sure that the From Email Address in your email notifications is [email protected].
4. In case you want the User Notifications email to be sent from your own domain, please configure your SMTP Server settings in Outgrow.

Email Notification To Self

You can also choose to send an Internal Notification Email to yourself or to your team when a user submits his/her responses and lead details using your Outgrow content. You can enable the Notification To Self email by toggling on the setting. You can choose an existing email address as the receiver email address, or you can click on Add New to add a new email receiver address. You can add the content details as per your requirement in the email using Variables.




**In case your Send From Email Address is configured as [email protected], but still you are not receiving notification emails, you can whitelist emails being sent from,, and domains.

If your IT team is not blocking any of these emails, you can add a filter in gmail or outlook to send all emails from these domains to your primary inbox.**

For any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. You can also use our chat tool on the bottom right and our support team will be happy to help!