Finding Relationships between User Data

Correlation provides the platform to predict the values of the dependent variable based on the known relationship that exists between the independent variable and the dependent variable. Correlation also plays an important role in the testing and development of different content pieces.

You can now find the relationships between data in Outgrow. You can relate multiple variables from your content piece with each other, to see which one performed better as well as relate various variables to find the correlation between them. This document gives you an overview of how to use the Relate tab in Outgrow, to evaluate the performance of your content.

What is the Relate functionality that is offered by Outgrow?

Relate explores the relationships between variables. When you select variables and Relate, Outgrow will choose the appropriate statistical test based on the structure of the data, run that test, then translate the results for you to understand.

This tab can help you relate variables to each other in order to find correlations between them. These are the types of variables here:

A. Input Variables: Variables that are introduced by the end-user. such as an answer, their country, browser, etc.

B. **Output Variable:** Variables that indicate some form of success in our system, such as lead gen filled, and completion.

C. Key Variable: An output variable that you are testing the hypothesis against. There can only be one Key Variable that you can relate to.

How to Set up Relate tab and find the correlation

1. Log into your Outgrow dashboard and open the respective content piece in Build mode.
2. You can now navigate to the Analyze tab and then go to the Relate sub-tab. You can choose between the different variables available.


3. You can now click on Analyze Now and choose if you want your data to be analyzed on a Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly basis.


Interpreting the Analysis

Various Variable Types are not supported in Outgrow fields, check below to see the types and their compatibility with the Relate tab:

A. Opinion Scale, Rating, Numeric Text Input, Numeric Slider, Calculator Result, Assessment Result have the same Variable Type i.e. "Number" is supported
B. Dropdown, Single Select, File Upload, Outcome Q Result have the same Variable Type i.e. "Categories" is supported
C. Multi-Select has "CheckBoxes" is supported
D. Text Input, Textarea have the same Variable Type i.e. "Text" - is not supported
E. File Upload has "Range" - is not supported
F. Date/Time Picker has "Time" - is not supported

The results are in the form of bar graphs and tables as shown below in the screenshots below, it depends on the type of variables you choose.

Tabular Format:


Graphical Format:


In case you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further.