Navigating users down a certain path using Logic Jump feature

Welcome to Outgrow! This guide will explore the Logic Jump feature and understand how to use it in your Outgrow content to make it more interactive and personalized.

Logic Jump allows you to make your users navigate down a particular path based on their responses to specific questions. For instance, if you're creating a cancer risk calculator, you may want to ask different questions depending on whether or not the user smokes. With Logic Jump, you can easily achieve this.

This document will help you understand how to set this functionality in Outgrow.

How to set up Logic Jump functionality

1. Open the Outgrow content in build mode and set up your questions and answers.

set up your questions and answers

2. Click on the carat icon (three horizontal dots) in the question tile and select the Logic Jump option. Click on Add Condition.

Logic Jump

3. Use the following parameters to set up Logic Jump: Answer provided by the user, result/outcome received by the user, value of specific UTM parameters, user's device type, and user's web browser type.

Logic Jump

4. Once you've selected the condition for the If Response To field, select the desired operation, such as If Equal To, If Not Equal To, If Filled, or If Not Filled, and specify the value for the Answer field.

5. Specify the path to which the user will be navigated once the criteria are met.


6. In the All Other Cases field, specify the path users will be navigated down to when the criteria specified above are unmet.

All Other Cases

7. Click Done in the Logic Jump window and then click on Publish to save the changes.

Setting up a Nested Logic Jump

You can also set up a Nested Logic Jump in multi-select questions by adding multiple conditions and using the AND or OR operator. Additionally, you can apply Logic Jump on Lead Gen form fields, and here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to your multi-select question and click on the Logic jump as explained above.

2. Add conditions by clicking on the plus sign inside the main box. This way you will be adding more conditions to the same logic


3. Use the AND operator from the drop-down to jump only when a certain set of options is picked in the multi-select question. OR operator can be used instead of AND when either of the defined options is picked, and you want to jump to a certain question.




Make sure, the options you pick are correct and the conditions are logical, otherwise, it can create a loop and logic jump will not work correctly.

4. After you have set all the conditions in the multi-select question, pick the default question; it should jump to when none of the conditions you defined are met, and click on Done.


5. You can also apply logic jump on Lead Gen form fields. The users will be navigated down the required path depending on the criteria selected.

logic jump

6. Click on Publish to save the changes.



You can now specify jump criteria on the basis of the response received for a Widget, that you have added in your Outgrow content.

Redirecting Users to an External URL using Logic Jump functionality

If you want to redirect users to an external URL when the criteria specified are met, select the Redirect To option from the Action Selection field and specify the URL. You can also configure Nested Conditions if required.

logic jump

How your Outgrow Layout affects the Logic Jump feature configured on the Questions and Sections level

The Logic Jump feature works differently for each design layout available in Outgrow. You can set up Logic Jump on the questions in the 1-column, 2-column, Paragraph Style, Chatbot, and Card Style layouts. In the Section Real-Time layout, you can set up Logic Jump functionality on the section level. However, in the 1 Column, 2 Column, Paragraph Style, and Card Style layouts, you can apply Logic Jump on both Questions and Section levels. The 1 Column Real-Time and 2 Column Real-Time layouts do not support Logic Jump.

If you have any questions, feel free to use our chat tool on the bottom right or reach out to us at [email protected], and our team will be happy to help you with a quick solution.