Connecting your Shopify & Outgrow account for importing products in Outgrow

In case you are selling products using your Shopify store, you can now import products from your Shopify store into your Outgrow account and can use these products for providing customized recommendations to the users using eCommerce Recommendation Quiz. To integrate your Shopify account with Outgrow you need the following details:

A. Host Name
B. User Name
C. Password

This document will show you how to import products from Shopify into your Outgrow account.

Getting Store Information from Shopify

1. Login to the dashboard using your Shopify credentials.

2. In the navigation panel on the left click on Apps, and then click on Manage Private Apps.

3. When you click on Manage Private Apps for the first time, you will be required to Enable Private App Development in your Shopify account.

4. Once the Private App Development environment is enabled, you need to click on Create Private App to create a new app.

5. While creating the Shopify app, you need to specify the Private App Name and Emergency Developer Email address.

6. For the Storefront API, choose the permissions that you would like to enable for the API.

7. Once you click on Create App, Shopify auto-generates API Key, Password, and Hostname credentials that can be used to access the API.

8. The pre-populated API information needs to be added in Outgrow as mentioned below: will be pre-populated you need to use it in the following manner:

A. Username - Your API Key will be the Username that you need to use in Outgrow while importing products from your Shopify account.
B. Password - The information present in the password field needs to be used in Outgrow.
C. Hostname - Hostname is located in the Example URL field. To elaborate this further, if the Example URL is "https://8834ae00cf891fea08fb41b260278872:[email protected]". then the Hostname will be dreammachineinnovation.

9. You can then access the respective eCommerce Recommendation quiz in Outgrow, and under Add/Edit Products tab, you can choose Shopify as the app from where the products need to be imported into Outgrow.

10. Using the details from your Shopify account, you set up and validate the integration between Outgrow and Shopify.


Getting an invalid credentials error when trying to connect your Shopify store to Outgrow?

Make sure you have enabled Read access for Products in your Shopify’s Admin API permissions.

In case you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you further.